Flux Studio and Beam Studio: solid fill


I’ve been trying some test specimens, and find that I can fill shapes in Beam Studio but not Flux Studio, but that only Flux Studio (where I can’t figure out how to make a filled rectangle) will draw the solid shape. Beam Studio traces an outline regardless of whether the rectangle is filled.

Are these features still in development?

I worked around it by drawing filled text in Flux Studio — that works for now.

What other approaches could be taken?


Hey Flux… I have the same problem; do you all review this site and answer questions?


One more thing for Flux: I see that you answer people on facebook (always telling them to switch to private contact so the rest of us don’t get the benefit of an open-forum answer) but I won’t post there because I don’t want to be sticking my name and account out in public. I prefer to use this forum instead, even though it seems that Merge and I might be the only two people who use it.

I can’t remember how I found out about it but it wasn’t easy to discover. Advertising is needed.


I agree with playtester, for all the reasons one can find in the news and for the sake of privacy I avoid all social media like the plague. You have your own site for which you can manage the security. Use FaceBook (LinkedIn, etc.) all you want but copy the question and your answers here. It may amuse you to know that some employers require their staff to NOT use social media. I can’t speak for businesses, but on the social scene it’s estimated that about 60% of all reasonably used accounts provide sufficient information to hack the user’s financial and email accounts: once your email account And any financial account is hacked your life is laid bare (they have full name, birthdate, family members, addresses, often identity numbers (drivers license, paper number, SSN, etc.), etc. and the same could be said for this site (maybe, you have my full name, address, email, phone number) BUT you are so small it’s not worth the effort for a few hundred/thousands of users when there are millions and billions available with the “big boys”.