Flux studio 9.7 available



  1. Add options for disabling auto slicing and target locking camera.


  1. Slight UI adjustment
  2. Add some parameters into Advanced panel for printing.
  3. Removed Slic3r / CuraEngine 1


  1. Fix wrong SVG position in Beambox interface
  2. Fix wrong SVG sizing in Beambox interface


To turn off Auto-slice go to preferences. It will slice when you press start. Works great.


When I import gcode from Simplify3D it says the object is bigger then the build plate, I am back to 9.1 again.


I just tested with several stl files all work perfectly. maybe something with the stl file. Try a different file and see if the same thing happens. It could be how you encoded the file in simplify3d.


Don’t use this version if you want to use Draw or Cut functions. The imported SVG file is blank.


Having the same problem, the thing I’m trying to print is well within the size constraints.


Still no laser support with this version?

Hangs on uploading F code still? WIFI

Using 0.9.0 even on WIFI it seems to be working fine.

Using the laser a lot now, almost daily. Wish it was faster.

Mainly wood and MDF (medium density fiberboard) I have some cork I may use as well.

Had to move the flux into the toilet room of my office because of the smell/ allergies to the smoke from the engraving. I need a fume hood.

That is why I had to reset the WIFI and why I downloaded the new version of the software.


What are you engraving? Photos? Shading on? How do you create svg? I want to using it more often, but struggled a bit sometimes


I’d been using the Cura slicer in FLUX Studio, but as mentioned in other threads, it’s been removed from the latest FS releases.

If I don’t babysit the printer, the filament just jams, and the extruder grinds a flat in it, and I have to take off the bowden tube fitting to get it out.
Anyone else?

I think it’s related to retraction. The new slicer does a ton of retractions compared to what I’m used to, and the distance seems really high for PLA, I think it’s something like 8mm.


At the moment I am doing most line art things that I make in PSCC then save as PNG making sure to have really really clean lines and also making sure the file size is exactly what I want the machine to produce. The “working” version 0.9.0 I am using does not like to resize the images at all.

I do not bother changing the colour settings before saving the images. So I do get some shading.

I am actually really pleased with my recent results.

Consider that it is basically the same level as an old impact dot printer and I think you will not be annoyed that much.

I have done photos. That required a lot of prep on the images to get anything close to nice results.
The media creates very different results too: woods are all different with the burn rates etc.