Flux Studio 9.19


fix Windows import svg files by color failed


Every time I slice the slicing engine crashes. Anyone else have issues


I had to go back to 9.16 because the versions after have a slicing engine error on any stl I try to slice


Same problem. Seems like something you would check before publishing…


I don’t understand your comments, I tried the software in the evening, letting everyone know I saw a new version published during the day. I”m an end user like you and have nothing todo with Flux, and was trying to let the community know there is a new version, and what I found out when I installed the software.


I was just agreeing with you that version 9.19 does not slice anything. My comment of “something you would check” I meant Flux not you. Sorry about that.


No Problem, I wanted to clarify, so that no one gets mad at me. :slight_smile:


I entered a ticket into support about this issue…


This will be fixed in the next version. We’ve changed the version of slicing engine in 0.9.19 for some windows users, however the latest version requires some dll files that was installed in our testing environment but not other computers.


Excellent, thank you for keeping up with the forum!