Flux Studio 9.13 and now 9.14 available

Just saw a new version of Flux studio, Have not tried as of yet.

Please add any issues or problems that were corrected to this thread.

9.14 states the below
Add dpi parameter to improve engraving resolution and speed
Stop Beambox regional preview when error happens
Improve Beambox preview mode stability
Fix version compare problem
Fix Beambox left panel state problem

Just installed it. Seems to be working for me. The only thing was when I went to do an ‘Auto Leveling’ command, it replied right away with command complete pop-up that I just clicked OK. Meanwhile, the printer did go through the leveling steps (back, right, left, middle, return to home).
Printing a print now - no seen errors. Not a lot of filament left (trying to just use it up with this fake test print), so hopefully I’ll see how the filament senor software reacts.

I’ll stick with this version for now (was sticking with 0.9.1 before).

I finally had the time to install last night. I ran a small print and did not see any issues. I did not get any crc issues. Will have to do more testing. Keep testing!!

0.9.14 doesn’t seem to re-load a previously saved setting file. I’ve tried to re-load a saved config file but it didn’t seem to change any of the settings.

Installing the Flux studio is showing an error and after that, I tried to install itunes on windows 7 it also failed. Please help me to fix the problem.