FLUX Studio 0.9.0 Change log


Hi all:
I recommend everyone can upgrade to this version,
especially who has the strange issue on the previous version.

we are extremely hard working on this version that hope can make everything great, enjoy it!

Critical Update! ALL settings which is under 0.9.0 version will not be inherited. included password and advanced settings



– Now can delete file via a button in Dashboard
– Now can delete custom material preset via a button in Load Config
– Auto install USB driver when FLUX Studio installation. (windows version)
– Now can uninstall FLUX Studio in Apps & features at Apps. (windows version)


– Sometimes will not extruding properly filament after using autoload filament.
– That is going to popup Toolhead not detected when using autoload filament without connect properly.
– FLUX Studio is going to crash if long pushed button on the FLUX when autoloading filament.
– FLUX Studio is going to freeze if using “View Frame” function with float number at object height in engrave.
– FLUX Studio is going to freeze if cannot found any machine when printing tutorial.
– Sometimes Slicing Engine will auto set to Slic3r cause advanced parameters error occurred
after changing language.
– That is going to popup notification if VC++ 2015 is not installed. (windows version)
– Sometimes camera will not properly following the object in PRINT page.
– Calibration function of ENGRAVE doesn’t work properly.
– That still display success connected if is actually WIFI setting fail.
– Cannot bind/unbind machine via USB cable.
– Sometimes cannot reconnect machine when has been disconnected.
– Sometimes is going to freezing at 5% when slicing engine is CURA. (windows verison)
– Sometimes FLUX Studio will freeze when into SCAN page.


– Change default slicer engine to CURA2.
– Remove movement testing in printing tutorial.
– Change calibration image of ENGRAVE which is added use instruction.
– Change description, from “New machine” to “Machine setup”.
– Improve USB stability.

you can find it out HERE.


Installed it. The fs said that i have to bind the machine. But my printer is in the Machines tab. So i presed i dont have a machine yet and tada, it worked. Imported an stl file and saw that all my settings were changed without asking, no big deal because it isnt working right now. Next step press start. “Printer” requires a password. Strange that i never set up one… so i have to g0 back to an older fs version.


Oh and i personally liked it more with the installer package from the old version. With that i could change the install directory.


0.9.0 has different setting space with previous version,
so that is not your settings has been changed,
just you have to re-set all of your had changed.

or you can just copy the advanced setting of previous version and paste on 0.9.0.

every FLUX must have a password, or you can try the default password “flux-delta”.
hope that can help you.


The default password is not working and i really cant remember to ever set up a password


you can reset it to the factory default that can fix your problem.


Oh man. I am so looking forward to do all the binding again…

Edit: I expected so much problems like i had one year ago. But the binding went without any problems. Well done flux team.


User will need a new Flux USB cable and install a driver to setup a new FS. The process is fairly quick if you have all passwords.


No issues for me with the update…


I also noticed it removed the half circle print before your printer starts to print a model. It just does the skirt print now.


That started for me with 0.8.4.


Since I could not remember my password, I had to reset to Factory original setting. Then on Mac OS X Sierra, I could not connect with FS v0.9.0, for some reason the password “flux-delta” did not work using USB connection. Also the WiFi connection was never established with v0.9.0, even when the laptop was right next to Flux. I had to install back v0.8.4, establish the link, password “flux-delta” was accepted, I changed the password (but this time I wrote it to my passwords book!), everything was back to normal. Then I switched to v0.9.0, it is now working over wifi. The switchover took about 30 minutes in my case. I hope next upgrades of FS do not require resetting the Flux again!


Can’t use 0.9.0 on mac.
It says my system doesn’t support WebGL.


I’m running a Mac with latest updated Sierra… connected to FS via WiFi.


Check to see if you have the latest version of Java installed in your Mac, in the System Preference.


@Blesscat: v0.9.0 has broken the Camera View, it is off by 90º (horizontal), both on Mac and Win10.


I can confirm it’s 90º off on Mac OS also, it’s correct for a brief moment and then it flips clockwise to the bottom being on the left side.


0.9.0 on Mac OS also will not let you login to the site to bind the printer so that you can use the iOS app to see printer status and the camera. I get a Server Internal error, please try again message. Yet when I go back to 0.8.4 it is still signed in, but now the binding fails. Seems like something is amiss with the 0.9.0 update and having to reset the printer. That’s unfortunate, as I use the iOS app frequently to check on my long print runs to make sure it’s still working when I am away from the printer.


please check the setting of “upgrade kits camera” at preferences → machine, reboot (replug power cord) FLUX is required if done any change.

and take a look the camera view is right.


Mac OS version required is above 10.10, could you please confirm your version of Mac OS?