FLUX Studio 0.8.4 Change log


FLUX Studio 0.8.4 Change log


  • Download machine logs
  • Automatically download latest firmware from official website


  • Missing device options
  • Raft option when using slic3r
  • USB cable message dropping


  • Camera center will target selected 3d objects



why did you remove your post?


Working well. I’m not having the device not found issue which I had with 8.3 with wifi or usb.


Handy Download Linkage



Build Plate in FLUX Studio jumps around whenever you move or rotate a model.

I just set up a print job with four items on the plate that took nearly 20 minutes because every time I moved or rotated an item to fit on the plate, FS would then change the view of the plate.

This is a painful and difficult experience, I feel a little seasick.

Is this the Camera Center feature? If so, how do I turn it off? It is horrible.

Also, can we please fix the App Reset bug where the whole app resets every time you open Preferences?


If that is the reset I think you mean… the workaround is to NOT click done but mouse-over the flux logo on the left and click the the print / engrave / whatever icons instead. Someone else can test if the settings are applied as you choose them or only when you click done though… I found that out quite by accident when wanting to simply see what the current settings where, or where they were, but not make any changes…

But in actuality… unless it is actually necessary, it shouldn’t trigger a app reset when you click done.


Read the edit message… he was impatient and was waiting for it to turn up on the downloads page! :wink: :laughing:


That workaround is a half-workaround. It does take you back out of the Preferences settings without a full app reset, and it does seem to save any settings changed BUT it also resets the build plate too. So just going in to check App Preferences or Machine Settings before starting a print, even if you don’t change anything, you’re screwed either way. I could understand resetting the build plate if certain changes were made to Machine settings, and even the full App reset could be justified in certain cases. But just looking? No, that’s a bug not matter how we fry and season it here :slight_smile:



started printing and used camera to watch on Windows 8.1

Intinial view was streamed, closed down FS and reopened, stream does not appear any longer.

Closing and reopening the printing screen window does not help - same for pressing the picture? icon on the left bottom


It’s a workaround… didn’t say it was a fix! :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t say I’d noticed the build plate reset, but I was just glad it didn’t restart the whole app… But yes, it’s a :bug:… and it is tasting a bit :poop: now that it’s fried… need more :cow: :bell: :smiley:


FS is failed on import/upload a 195MB/155MB gcode file.


FS stops importing at 17% - even with a 16MB gcode file.

Switched back to tha latest stable release 0.7.8 (Windows 8.1) which gave me me this error

Switched forward to 0.8.1 and the upload went well.

Now printing the uploaded gcode with 0.8.4