FLUX Studio 0.8.2 Change log


FLUX Studio 0.8.2 Change log

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed when wifi connection not available, FS will use USB connection (if plugged in)
  • Fixed initial startup stuck at certain position for laser job
  • Fixed change filament not displaying properly
  • Fixed pressing delete button will accidently delete selected file when dashboard is not focused

Known Issue

  • Several users reports CRC32 error when printing. This is caused by nwjs and we’re currently investigating and finding solutions. Most of the time, users should be able to resume printing by clicking start again


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I’ve got one model now that CRC errors on every single attempt so it’s unprintable :\


Hm, actually was able to upload to the SD card instead of the regular process and it worked…though uploading to SD was buggy too (shows no status of the upload, so I just waited a while)


lol… you’re lucky… I had exactly the opposite happen to me when trying to pre-load some prints… and ended up giving up starting them, and it worked that time :open_mouth: Was with one of the 0.7.x version of FS though.



I can’t resume printing with a big gcode file(~23MB). Here is a gcode file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t97vi0ut8h9zw01/Tens%20bell.gcode?dl=0
I also tried to upload the file directly to SD card but it stopped at 15%.

Try to reduce a gcode file size to ~21MB by decreasing a infill to 10% then it works.


A couple of easy to fix bugs>

  1. The z_offset does not work using Slic3r. (you can tell easily by inputting a large number and looking at the preview)
  2. The “Time Left” calculation in the dashboard is a percentage of the total print time of the model loaded in Flux Studio, not what is loaded in the Flux machine.