FLUX Studio 0.8.1 Change log


well I just I tried it again, enabling error detection and disabling it, there is an error there! flux has teamed up with skynet recently! we are all doomed!



@proclaim @mc_ott

I print a fairly good mix, 50/50 both straight from FLUX Studio, usually with Cura2, and also imported gcode (70% S3D, 30% Slic3r or Cura Standalone), so I will turn Tilt Detection back on and try to monitor it to see if I can discern any kind of a pattern or more information.


Which version is the last version without this head tilt error so I can revert to it until the problem is solved.
On a simple print that takes 2.5 hour I got 3 head tilts.


I got no head tilt during printing but some strange head tilt happening during calibration and it failing due to that.

There is another strange effect that I sometimes have when the print start and the head movement works wrong but not sure how to describe it… I will make a video if I catch it again.


I’ve turned it back on, and had only one tilt. I’ve been printing most of the day and into the night too. So far no pattern or anything I can discern.