FLUX Studio 0.8.0 Change log


FLUX Studio 0.8.0 Change log

New Feature

  • Vinyl cutter function
  • Show laser engraving outline function
  • Align center function in print and laser

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed windows shortcut keys
  • Fixed laser threshold not appearing
  • Fixed possible parameter error during slicing engine switch
  • Fixed undo not deleting after duplicate
  • Fixed save / load scene with multiple models
  • Fixed possible error in getting preview data after slice is done

FLUX Studio 0.8.0 Bug Reports
  1. We have the Support On bug again…

Going into Advanced Settings and back out again Support will automatically turn itself On. Even if you turned it Off while you were in Advanced Settings.

  1. Getting quite a few connectivity errors that pop up saying FLUX Studio has lost connection to the printer. I click OK and it is fine and still connected.

Platform macOS 10.12.4


lol… oh, that is just annoying. It looks like the supports option from the main screen doesn’t get updated when you click the general support option in advanced settings. If you set it to supports off before going into advanced, it will be off. BUT if you don’t change anything, and press apply… it turns them back on? WTF?

And since you’ve started up the 0.8.0 bug report thread :smiley:


sorry guys for the late notice, but the change log will be followed soon.


Thanks for moving this Jim. Any timeline on when we can order that Vinyl Cutter?


I believe sometime next week, but please don’t hold me on this :wink:


I generally try not to hold you too close on hardware deadlines, I know how manufacturing can be.

Any major fixes in 1.6.56 firmware?


no, it only fixed possible cloud binding error