FLUX Studio 0.7.6, FLUX Delta Series Firmware 1.6.51 Changelog


Apologize for the trouble in Firmware 1.6.40. In addition, it is best to use FLUX Studio 0.7.6 with Firmware 1.6.51, otherwise laser engraving bitmap will cause an error.

FLUX Studio 0.7.6


  1. Fix BAD_COMMAND MOVE in laser ( compatible with Firmware 1.6.51 )

FLUX Delta Series Firmware 1.6.51

– Unknown error that pops out everytime you start a new task.
– Machine M666 R, D setting issue.

– Z Calibration with printing toolhead will not affect engraving toolhead.



Getting a lot more dropped connections with 0.7.6

Particularly during filament loading. After loading new filament, I’ll hit the FLUX button to tell the machine to stop feeding, but FLUX Studio does not recognize that button push and just stays on the loading screen. Clicking Cancel does nothing, it just freezes and has to be force quit and reopened.