FLUX Studio 0.7.4 Change Log


Here is what happened after I upgraded to the delta firmware 1.6.25 and toolhead firmware 1.2.10
WTF!! I thought the thing was going to spin itself to pieces…



Eeek! Looks like you’ve having the same problem a Delta+ newbie is having… It make be worth looking into the 0.7.5 flux studio and matching machine firmware update that have just been pushed… as they give the option to disable that movement test. Either that or roll back to an earlier version of both that don’t have it.


Thanks…how do I disable the movement test?


In the OS X version of FS v0.7.5 the Disable command is in the Preferences, in the Machine pane, at the bottom of the list you will see “Movement Test Before Print” you can disable there.


Before disabling anything in software, there are a few basic hardware steps being overlooked here.

He needs to take that clamp off the PTFE tube that is holding it IN FRONT of the USBC cable and pulling the whole toolhead sideways.

Then turn the toolhead the recommended 90 degrees counterclockwise so the USBC is in front and PTFE is centered.

Then put that clamp in the trash.