FLUX Studio 0.7.3 Changelog + Toolhead Frimware 1.2.13


The bug also is happened more frequently after I import a new print/loading a filament and click start then the status is waiting on connecting. If I close it and click on “Machine” then “Start”, it works.

Here is also another old problem which I reported it on February. I think it’s on Flux firmware. It’s happened only when homing routine. Note that there are nothing obstruct (tube or cable) a returning home path) and the carriages are closed to a home switches.


The tilt sensor is less sensitivity in 1.2.7 firmware.


Yes same here… no tilt errors on a few small prints with 1.2.7. but I did go back to Flux Studio 0.6.3 too.

Thanks for sharing it, I did not have it anymore.


Have you guys not got the option to turn off tilt detection in the machine menu? (Win10 x64 FS 0.7.3)


I left it in default settings for testing a beta software and firmware.


I’ll check for that on Mac, I’m going to try to move back up to 0.7.3 again. Might have resolved the ‘vapor lock’ issue the printer was having with it before.

I did roll toolehead back to 1.2.10 yesterday after 5 tilt errors on one print… after that not a single error.

I don’t like the idea of disabling error sensors completely, they are there for a reason, but 1.2.13 is broken.


Yes, I test with the the tool head firmware 1.2.10 and there is no tilt head error.


I too have the issue with my laser with tilt error. on 1.2.13. The print head I did not have the issue with the latest firmware 1.2.13


I do have a Lokbuild on the metal plate and it prints well with following settings:

  • STL file direct import into Flux Studio, using Cura2 Slicer and Z0_offset = 0.4 (in both of the entries)

  • Gcode file generated with S3D and uploaded to the Dashboard - changed in S3D the Z-Achis to 0.4 mm (Global G-Code Offsets)

But it should be hopefully only a workaround - Auto Level was working very well before Firmware and Head updates independant if I used the pure Metalplate, Glass or something with Buildtak.