FLUX Studio 0.7.2 Changelog


This updates fixed lots of bugs, several of them were small thorns in the flesh. Many sub-components are refactored as well. After testing Cura2 for a while, the team has decide to temporarily fallback the default engine to Cura, and introduce a tons of feature for you to play with Cura2 starting from recommended settings.

New Features

  • Separated Cura2 settings from Slic3r mapping, but the original Cura stays the same.
  • Added settings ( under preference > device ) for upgrade kits and status-changing postback url for IFTTT.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Cura2 in Windows / Ubuntu.
  • Fixed connection settings bug.
  • Fixed abnormal ws disconnect behavior.
  • Fixed progress windows blocking slice error messages under certain condition.
  • Fixed bottom left progress bar overflow problem.
  • Fixed the issue of svg being imported as bitmap sometimes.
  • Fixed sometimes-missing start, stop button in the Dashboard.


  • Allow more characters to be used in AP mode / password.
  • Move reset config into Preferences.
  • More dedicate settings for different quality / model profiles.

Other Improvements

  • Improved default machine searching behavior.
  • Code-signed to FLUX USB Cable Driver to pass Windows security policy.
  • Removed unnecessary windows files.
  • Global error handler for more consistent error message display.

Downlods: https://flux3dp.com/downloads/

No option to "enable upgrade kits"


Cura 2 works! Grate Job!! Is there a way to get options of the advance tab, specifically the expert tab? There are options in there, that I would like to play with, but do know the options. I.E Magic_Fuzzy_Skin, Magic_Mesh_Surface, etc.


@pmbroth @Simon I have essentially the same question. Is FLUX studio using it’s own embedded version of Cura2 or is it actually leveraging the Cura that is installed on my system?

The new Cura 2.4.0 has a lot of new features, are those available to FLUX Studio when i upgraded my installation, or is FLUX Studio only using it’s own prepackaged settings of Cura2?

And while I’m asking, the same question would apply to Slic3r? Is FLUX Studio using application hooks for that also or is it all embedded?




We just fixed some bugs in 0.7.3!


@pmbroth I can answer your question. In short, Yes.

When you select the Cura2 profile in Advanced Settings the options in the advanced tab completely change. The ones you are looking for are there:

magic_fuzzy_skin_enabled = false
magic_fuzzy_skin_point_dist = 0.8
magic_fuzzy_skin_thickness = 0.3
magic_mesh_surface_mode = normal
magic_spiralize = false