FLUX Studio 0.7.0 Change log


FLUX Studio 0.7.0 Change log

New Features

  • Supports direct USB connection for FLUX Delta+ and Upgrade Kits
  • Supports HD camera for FLUX Delta+ and Upgrade Kits
  • Supports CuraEngine 2.4 ( You can disable it by setting cura2 = 0 )
  • Parameter “xy_size_compensation” now works with CuraEngine 2.4, which might alter the size of your printing results.
  • Allows changing filaments in pausing state
  • Allows changing toolhead temperature in pausing state
  • Device list will now indicate the type of connection
  • Supports switching machine profile for Delta+
  • Adds scale inputs in object properties dialog
  • Adds a snapshot button in camera monitoring interface
  • Adds a height offset parameter to engraving interface
  • Adds a built-in calibration image in laser advanced-settings
  • The new default skirt will circle the work area

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the software being unable to cancel load filament in the tutorial
  • Fixed “changing filaments, updating firmware” features for machines in completed / aborted status
  • Fixed displaying the button for removing laser background
  • Fixed object border not being synced after resize or duplicating in printing interface
  • Fixed task thumbnails scaling ratio
  • Fixed the masking of out-ranged engraving image
  • Fixed raft interface printing temperature is too high
  • Fixed the power setting for bitmap engraving, now it’s working


  • New default printing parameters
  • Rename all “device” and “Delta” into “machine” and “the machine”
  • Move configuration reset button into preferences interface
  • Display device model name in Machine Info

Other Improvements

  • Adds new tutorial guiding images for FLUX Delta+ / Upgrade Kits

####Note for windows users:
This version will include the USB driver for the brand new USB cable ( not Micro USB ). However, if you’re using the latest windows version, you might get an error due to the unsigned driver by Microsoft. You can read more on how to install unsigned drivers.

Failed to install driver

For clarity… This update is compatible with original FLUX machines that have not been upgraded yet, right?


yes, it is backward compatible



Whatever I try, FLUX Studio 0.7.0 (Ubuntu version) gives me this:
This seems to only happen with the Cura option, Slic3r works fine.
Any chance to slice with 3rd party software (e. g. Netfabb Studio or the likes) outside FLUX Studio?



Can you set cura2 = 0 in expert settings and see if it works for you?


Yep … cura2=0 does the trick for the Cura slicer.
Just curious: What is cura2=0 doing? Disabling some new version?
Edit: That was already mentioned in the OP… but I failed to properly read it.



I just tested again on a clean Ubuntu system, it seems CuraEngine v2.4 requires an external library file. Will try to include it.


For the S3D user, how do I change filament in pausing state? Or I just simply using “changing printing filaments” while at pausing state, then re-start printing.
Secondly, would you provide a Flux user a more secure way/signed driver for a new USB cable? Changing secure feature of Windows is a way to open a back door for potential risk of being hack.


Hello, since the update 0.6.3, I meet many problems. The software display(posting) is not correctly made, I have posted(shown) parts(parties) which disappear, as the selection: impression(printing), scan, engraving etc. but since the version 0.7.1, it is a disaster, the software makes clippings nothing displays cleanly(strictly), and for the impression(printing) impression(printing) let us not let us speak at the very beginning of one about it, he(it) makes the frame(executive) has the inside of which he(it) prints the room(part,play), the cordon of put down(deposited) plastic is enormous, it has practically the diameter of the PLA and does not end cleanly(strictly). Then, it is the ventilators of the extrudeuse that stop immediately at the end of impression(printing), they do not lower the temperature of the head. Excuse my English I use a translator thank you for your help(assistant)


we’re working on the certificate already. We’ll update it as soon as we can. thanks for reporting.


what language are you using? do you mind posting your original language?


je suis français ^^ , j’aime beaucoup votre imprimante, quand arrivera la troisième question pour obtenir le pack de mise à niveau de l’imprimante?

I’ m french ^^, I like very much your printer, when will arrive the third question to obtain the pack of upgrade of the printer?


Réécris ton problème en francais et je le traduirai si tu veux.


merci lolo ^^, alors aide moi pour ceci :+1:

je disais donc que depuis la mise à jour 0.6.3, je rencontre beaucoup de problèmes. L’affichage logiciel n’est pas correctefait, j’ai des parties qui disparaissent, comme la sélection des divers outils qui ne s’affichent pas sauf lorsque je passe la souris dessus, mais depuis la version 0.7.1, c’est un désastre, le logiciel fait fait un tas de clippings, rien ne s’affiche proprement. au tout debut de l’impression, lorsque l’imprimante dessine le périmètre d’impression, le cordon de plastique déposé est énorme, il a pratiquement le diamètre de mon fil de PLA, le moteur d’entraînement du fil force l’entrée du plastique, il a tout juste le temps de fondre pour sortir. enfin, les ventilateurs de l’extrudeuse s’arrêtent immédiatement en fin d’impression, ils n’abaissent pas la température de l’extrudeuse, j’ai peur que cela dégrade mon matériel.

Une question pour finir, quand arrivera la dernière question pour pouvoir recevoir le kit de mise à jour?

merci de votre aide!



I offered to translate Harlock95’s previous post :
He says he has had a lot of problems since the 0.6.3 Flux studio update. He has problems with the graphic interface. Some buttons are missing such as tool selection. He has to hover them with the mouse to make them visible. The 0.7.1 version seems to be even worse because text flashes in black and grey. Nothing is correctly displayed.
When the printer draws the printing perimeter the amount of plastic extruded is huge, almost has huge as the filament diameter. The filament feeder sounds like it is having a hard time pushing the filament. The filament barely has time to melt to be extruded. Finaly, the nozzle fans immediately stop at the end of the print and he is worried that it might damage the print head.

Personally, I don’t have any problem with the latest versions of Flux stdio (appart from the library problem for cura 2), but I have a good computer with a very good graphic card and maybe it helps…


La dernière quête est déjà disponible : https://flux3dp.typeform.com/to/fUH2e8
On n’attend plus que l’ouverture du store pour pouvoir commander gratuitement le kit d’update.
J’ai moi aussi fait la mise à jour de flux studio et les ventilateurs s’arretent aussi juste après avoir fini d’imprimer. Il me semble que d’autres gens en ont parlé sur le forum et je crois que ce n’est pas un problème, il faut juste faire attention à ne pas te bruler. La tête d’impression est faite pour monter à des températures élevées, les ventilateurs sont là pour refroidir le plastique qui vient d’être déposer pour le solidifier et éviter qu’il coule.


Hi Harlock95, try updating your graphics driver for your missing buttons.
Google translate says -
“Essayez de mettre à jour votre pilote graphique pour les boutons manquants.”


thanks, i try this :+1: