FLUX Studio 0.6.3 Change Log


2 out of 10 prints; I have the kind of error during load filament routine and twice when start printing. I try a third time and it’ ok. Note that nothing is obstruct the carriage.


I get that sometimes when the USB-C cable is pinched momentarily between the top and the back arm mechanism while “homing” (although the cable orientation is set according to the suggestions). If the upwards move is slower, I noticed the cable does not get pinched. I think if the travel speed can be set to a slower speed during the zeroing and home calibration, it could prevent that error. My cable sometimes got stuck at the end of the run and by setting the speed in the “end_gcode” to F3000 (50mm/sx60) instead of the default speed, I avoided that pinching cable.


I’m well aware on the USB-C cable that is sometimes on the way of a near by linear carriage returns home. I set the USB-C cable and a tube that have a natural coil pattern to avoid the problem. However, there is always a “jerk” motion to home where the carriage are already near a top position; the failure to home is more frequent lately.