FLUX Studio 0.6.3 Change Log


#FLUX Studio 0.6.3 Change Log

New Feature

  • Manually set printing toolhead temperature from menu > device > commands > set toolhead temperature

Bug Fixes

  • Fix possible .svg file import error that causes unable to engrave

Other Improvements

  • Confirm responses from the slicing engine (slic3r and cura) before allowing file import, which might cause error
  • Update 3D rendering engine (threejs) from r80 to r83
  • Add rotation color indicator (x,y,z) in object dialogue
  • Update object dialogue position during object transforming
  • Display errors when imported gcode is out of printing area



Hello, I noticed the following with 100% infill : If the slicing engine is Cura no issues with slicing. If I select Slic3r as the engine, it does not slice, and gets the following error. If I change back to Cura, no issues. I have tried this with several STL files, all have the same result. .


Don’t know if this is a Bug but on MacBook Pro Late 2011 with OS X Yosemite, if Anti-aliasing is ON in the Preferences, FS v0.6.3 does not show the round platform and the imported STL file. It shows Ok with Anti-aliasing switched OFF. This issue was not there in FS v0.6.2.

I did not try this on Windows10 yet.



This is just a suggestion for future software releases. Would it be possible to have your software team add a Change Filament “Unload” AND “Load” button on the left hand side of the Dashboard. It could resemble the "Save Task & Start buttons on the right hand side.

Just a suggestion…


It’s how Slic3r works and have been there since the first version of FS.

@proclaim what do you mean with “Manually set printing toolhead temperature”, is it the temp when the printer is idling?


I would also want the print log, that allows for automatic maintenance due message based on print hours…


When do you use this as @Scott asked

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@Jerry and @proclaim
+1 for that feature.


make sure your infill pattern is “rectilinear”, because slic3r only support 100% infill in that mode. You should be able to slice with it.


what do you mean by that? can you show me a screen shot?


Thank you - that fixed it. It would be great the the error message stated that the current infill pattern will not work for that fill percent. Otherwise everything else is working.


@proclaim Hi JIm, what is this temp setting for?


I suppose it is if you want to clean the toolhead for exemple when it has some plastic on the nozzle. Or if you want to try a new material and see how it melts to find the best temperature to print it…
Or if you want to verify with a thermometer that the nozzle temperature works fine.


ok, did not know if this was for setting temp in calibration


to heat the printing tool head to the desired temperature:

  1. personal heater
  2. personal fan when it’s too hot
  3. things to click while on the phone

ok. I’m just kidding.

  1. for cleaning tool head for clogging
  2. test if the fan is working
  3. just for the fun of it?


Here is what I mean…

  1. Screen Captures for Anti-Aliasing is set to OFF in Preferences:

  1. Screen Captures for Anti-Aliasing is set to ON in Preferences:

As you see, in FS v0.6.3 Anti-aliasing makes it hard to see anything. FS v0.6.2 did not do this on my MacBookPro late 2011. Something changed in screen rendering between the 2 versions. My laptop has 2 Video Cards

NOTE: I don’t see this Bug in my Win10 (Intel Laptop 2016).


Can we also use this to change the temperature whilst a print is running? I believe on the odd occasion that could be used to rescue a print and can also help dial in the optimum temperature for a filament.


@proclaim: I was printing a structure with 2 “pause_at_layers” and noticed the Temperature does not hold at the print temperature when it is in Paused state. I think the temperature hold was changed recently to 3 seconds from 30 seconds, is there a reason for that change? It takes about 30 seconds to change the filament and it would be nice to have the temp hold for that duration to manually make sure, by pushing the filament, that it is loaded and extrudes properly. Also as a suggestion, if you want to automate that process, it would be nice to have the print head move to the front and extrude a certain amount of filament until the Flux button is pressed, before continuing from where it was paused.

Happy New Year!


It is a nice update :slight_smile:
@proclaim as a suggestion, adding a scaling tool would be grate, like in simplify3D