FLUX Studio - 0.3.4, Delta Firmware 1.0b20 and Toolhead Firmware is out!

This may sound really stupid but how do you update the delta firmware it downloads as a zipped file and from there I’m slightly confused what file to select. Thanks for the Help.

Unzip the download and save the file “fluxfirmware-1.1.2.fxfw”
Go into the Flux studio and select the menu Devices/Device/Update Firmware/Delta Firmware
When it asks for the file, point it to where you saved the download then watch the Flux button light turn red and then the machine resets. Done.

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@simon - Any chance of getting the pinned post updated with the the most current version info with fixes/changes?

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I had some issues today with the new software too. Had to uninstall everything in OSX and re-install the 0.3.0 version… I don’t think I’ll be making an upgrade in the meantime.

I just installed the new Mac version and got this error the first time I tried to launch it: ““FLUX Studio” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.” So I did. Tried again and just got the same result. What do they say about that… something about insanity? Anyhow… I don’t think you can call 3.9 “stable” on the file name. Rolling back once again.

OK, now I’m worried. I just tried to install the 3.0 stable and I’m still getting the same error! I can’t use my printer now. I went looking to see if it was a preference file, but I couldn’t find any in the Library directory. I restarted the machine and it’s not helping. Please help!

That error is caused by OS X Gatekeeper with unsigned apps. Check the following site on how to install unsigned software.

For more info on Gatekeeper check:

Thanks for the info. I guess my question is why I haven’t seen that error before with the previous 4 versions of FS I’ve installed, all under the same OS? I’ll give it another go.

@Jim, @simon. Seems more stable 0.3.9 for me the wifi connection to the printer (I hope still like this), but I notice from several versions before that when I abort a print operation I can’t print again until I power off and power on the printer.

Would you be able to generate a bug report? Or screen capture of error message from Flux Studio?

I think a screen capture is possible let me do it the next time I abort the printing task because now I reset the printer so now is working.

@Jim, @simon I reproduce the error again, steps to reproduce the error:

  1. I start to print something.
  2. Then abort the print task.
  3. Close the dash board window

  1. Open the dashboard window again and run a print task from the sd card.

Then the window to run the print will appear without the option to run the task (just the camera icon is available)

PS. I tested this with latest software version and firmware version.
PS2. I notice this bug happens while the printer is on status “Aborted”, but I also I notice if I try to make a firmware update the printer will change to idle status and now I have execute print tasks.

I’ve been running the problem many times and what I did that was selected a new task, like scan, selected to cancel a existing running tasks; the printer aborted the previous task and I could see the printer was home position. Then I selected print task again and I was ok to print. I think when current task is aborted that doesn’t actually abort on embedded software of the printer until FS send command to run a different task and command abort from a user. @simon it’s a bug that you should look at it. Thanks.

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Also got this problem, only when status = aborted, this happens in this and previous versions of Studio Win10x64 and previous toolheadFW.

Remove the power and restarting Studio is always a 100% Fix.
I guess the bug is in the Flux Base FW because just restarting Studio does not work.

I found the solution (In the manual!)

To go back to Idle doubleclick the Flux button on the machine.

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A few days ago I sent a few emails to cancel my preorder, but so far the feedback has not been

Where are we supposed to send bug reports???

I’m pretty sure that it’s here: https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


needful share…Aryaka Sd Wan Engineer