FLUX Studio - 0.3.4, Delta Firmware 1.0b20 and Toolhead Firmware is out!

Well I test it and it’s ok. However, I deleted the existing one and uploaded it again and here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/crtljrx2ly1s3if/fstudio-20160330-0.3.0-win-x64-stable.exe?dl=0


We’ve updated the website, raising v0.3.0 as the most stable version. Meanwhile we’ve fixed some stability issues of last version 0.3.3.

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After updating the Delta to the New firmware, I was changing filament and the sensor has been disabled for the motors to accept the new filament. I was unable to load anything to the FLUX.

Luckily, I still had the previous update on a USB and uploaded that to the FLUX (autoupdate) and I am back to printing again.

Is there a GitHub repository with all of the historical versions somewhere? With alpha and beta software, the ability to roll things back is pretty important.


On OSX 0.3.4 I could not upgrade to delta firmware x.20. Told me x.18 was the latest. I would rather not have to dig out an old thumb drive and do the rename thing, etc.

Is “Fix: Double safety check in head control” important enough that I must do this?

Don’t know if you sorted the problem but, if I am not mistaken, it is due to Mac OSX Security setting, if the software you are trying to install is Unsigned, you will get that message. You can google to find how to install unsigned software.

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Yay all the errors stopped popping up in my face. Thanks flux

I have downloaded the Delta Firmware 1.0b20, however when I select the option to upgrade and choose the downloaded file the Upload button does nothing leaving only the Cancel button. Can anyone suggest how I can upgrade to use the latest firmware for Mac?

it would be nice to be able to import Task files to the engraver as well it only works for print atm

What’s new in 0.3.5?

What’s new in 0.37?

Is there also a new Delta Firmware release?

I’m glad to see new releases coming out of the team. I was beginning to get worried.


  1. New: Mac OSX Version Check
  2. New: Wireless Configuration ( supports firmware v1.1+ )
  3. New: CuraEngine Support ( Beta )
  4. Change: Separated network settings for AP Mode
  5. Fix: Convert STL in scanning
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Cura Engine is missing in the OS X version of FSv0.3.7, I assume it is the same in the Win10 version.
Also, if you go for Firmware update through FSv0.3.7, it says firmware 1.0b20 is the latest version. Could not update through FS software, did it with USB stick.

what’s new on the new firmware? Also I couldn’t update to latest firmware because it says I have the latest version.

I had the same issue, You have to use the usb method.

Now I have the new firmware and the new fluxstudio 0.3.7, but now I can’t pass from calibration, before the update this was not a problem, but now on my second point (right point) of the base the calibration cancel by itself. Saying that I have some obstacle but I check nothing seems strange

lift the plate off the stand, sometimes a small piece of dirt throws off the calibration.

I downgrade to the old firmware and now it works correctly

I really feel that every time I update everything goes worse.

I can’t now use the flux studio for more than one minute with this annoying Uh-Oh thing, and during this minute I have to connect (every single time) my machine as a new device and enter the wifi password, which by the way I have to use through my mobile phone, because it seems that 6 metres from my router is too far, and the connection via ethernet cable + USB adaptor does not work any more.

I have downgraded to 0.3.0 and nothing changes.

I’m really tired of having to fight for about 3 hours whenever I want to use this machine.