FLUX Studio - 0.3.4, Delta Firmware 1.0b20 and Toolhead Firmware is out!

##Download links

FLUX Studio - 0.3.4


  1. Fix: Change filament toolhead exception handling
  2. Fix: Device Password error handing
  3. Fix: Active firmware update notification
  4. Fix: Importing button missing
  5. Change: Window title shows version
  6. Change: Enhance UI Contrast
  7. Change: Menu reordering
  8. Change: Improved some wording


  1. New: Using ssh key to establish connection
  2. New: Javascript error handling
  3. Fix: Blinking video in scan


  1. Change: Scanning code refactored
  2. New: Visual C++ Redistributable quiet install
  3. New: Desktop Notification for Default Device
  4. Fix: Support multiple facet STL
  5. Fix: Function of edit menu in print
  6. Fix: Uploading firmware without internet


  1. New: Printing progress for default printer in docker / taskbar
  2. New: Gcode import in Print Interface
  3. New: Exception handling for STL
  4. Fixed: Timeout during connection
  5. Fixed: Edit menu in Print Interface
  6. Fixed: Several scanning bugs
  7. Fixed: Device Monitor in Device Menu
  8. Fixed: Authentication error for new users
  9. Fixed: Firmware upload without internet ( in station mode )


  1. Updated rendering core ( Chromium 41 → Chromium 49 )
  2. Changed the FOV of perspective box ( the Cube in Print )
  3. Error messages improvment
  4. Add Feature: IP Direct Connection ( in File > Preferences ), works with Delta firmware 1.0b14+
  5. Fix: Update setting as default machine
  6. Fix: Pops error when inputing wrong WiFi password
  7. Fix: Toolhead firmware version detect

p.s. We’re still evaluating the windows installer packing program, we have used “AdvancedInstaller” with many bugs, not recommended.
p.s.2. Old settings may be cleared with new versions, backup your expert settings with text file if you got any.


  1. Fix usb configuration error
  2. Fix wrong version number


  1. Fix installer error and misfunction
  2. Fix firmware update
  3. Add firewall rules


  1. Fixed changing filament


  1. Display SVG errors if there is any
  2. Fixed gcode preview, now you can print gcode with device monitor
  3. Added undo feature for printing interface ( ctrl+z / command+z )
  4. Added skirt & brim options in Advanced > Support, if you want to print large object
  5. Added scene saving options in File > Save Scene


  1. Fix continuous engraving
  2. Fix API Error
  3. Fix task previews on monitor
  4. Fix scanning time estimation
  5. You can now import FLUX Task file ( *.fc ) to the print interface

Windows x64 users may need to install FLUX Studio twice with the installer due to mysterious bug we are investigating.

FLUX Delta Firmware v1.0b20

I would strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest firmware. How to Update?


  1. Fix: Double safety check in head control


  1. Fix: Encryption code refactored
  2. Fix: WPA Connection bug
  3. Fix: SSID Display bug in specific environment


  1. Fix: few disconnection bugs
  2. Fix: Support multiple fcode thumbnails

##Toolhead firmware

Update toolhead firmware with FLUX Studio v0.2.14+ is also recommend. How to Update?

  1. Reduce the chance of laser head tilted drastically
  2. Prevent printing failed from not heating correctly

Thank you for this! Looking forward to trying it out!

Thanks for posting when there are updates. The notification is helpful!

@simon - Does the “Fix continuous engraving” mean that we don’t need to use the tinfoil hack between the connectors?

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It’s the fix for this bug

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I’d like suggest add a firmware update instruction link with the download link in https://flux3dp.com/downloads
So its more easier to figure out what’s the next step to update the firmware.


I would like to ask you if you were able to connect via USB with v0.2.15? I could not replicate the same situation with this version and v0.2.14 in Windows 7 & 10.

Thank you for your responsiveness to these issues. Looking forward to playing with my new toy this weekend!

Thanks for the update @simon. I ran into some issues with the new version here.

I uninstalled v0.2.14 and installed the new v0.2.15 but for some reason the program keeps thinking it’s v0.2.14 and keeps telling me to update to the v0.2.15. This new installer is also missing the ability to “uninstall” that the previous version had.

Note: I’m installing the fstudio-20160318-win-x64.exe on my Windows 10 machine.

Edit: Adding some additional bugs that I noticed:

  1. If I skip the tutorial, it takes me right back to the “Connect FLUX Delta with USB Cable” page instead of the main home page for the FLUX Delta. So I have to reconnect Delta in and run through tutorial in order for me to use it.

  2. Connecting to the Wifi needs a scroll bar, it’s hard for me to navigate to my wifi ssid. I live in an apartment, so there’s like 30+ wifi around me. So it’s difficult to connect on setup.

I’ve been attempting to install the “new” 2.15 version with similar results. No uninstaller, incorrect version reporting and a message that tells me I have to install C++ distributable, even though it is. Various permutations of installs and uninstalls give the same results.

On a different computer, previously installed with 2.12, the 2.15 install reports that 2.12 is installed, even though CCleaner registry clean takes out all references to the previously installed version, or so I thought.

Simon, should I be reporting these results here in the open forum or posting my verbose results in the trouble ticket I have open?

Mac version is still 2.14?


  1. Flux Studio 0.2.15 installation keeps asking for the VC++ 2015 and I did install it.
  2. Flux Studio 0.2.15 did install the files and shortcut but not register in Windows uninstall.
  3. Flux software team haven’t done any testing before releasing software.

For those Flux users, who try to install Flux Studio 0.2.15 x64 version, please download and install VC++ distributable x86 but x64 version, because Flux Studio installation is look for “msvcp140.dll” which doesn’t install with VC++ distributable x64 version.

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I fixed one issue and now I have been facing another. I downloaded and installed a correct version of 0.2.15 and its said a wrong version. I’m out of my patient.

I’ve updated the tool head successfully and the laser head now does not generate the tilt fault.
The piece of tin foil can now go in the bin. Please note that you have to power the device OFF and ON after updating to make it work. That is something not mentioned in the “how to update” page.

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When I select “Update Toolhead,” I see the dialog box saying that there’s a newer version available. It says, “FLUX Toolhead Firmware 0.1 is now available.” But I found the “Toolhead Firmware v1.1.2” from your downloads page. I used 1.1.2 and the dialog box reports success, but when I go back to “Update Toolhead,” I keep getting the same message about Firmware 0.1. What am I doing wrong?

You do nothing wrong since Flux software team hasn’t been updated software/firmware revision on a new update.

With the new feature of IP Direct Connection, you can now connect FLUX Delta in more various wifi environment.

For advanced users, you can even connect FLUX Delta remotely if you assign an public IP to it. Or use DMZ to redirect port 1901, 23811 & 23812 to your Delta ( beware of the security, you might want a longer password ).

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