Flux Studio 0.3.2



  1. it’s shown Revision 0.3.1.
  2. Import G-code from Flux Studio, error message is an object is over size but actually not. Import G-code from Device Monitor is OK.
  3. Flux Studio is crashed or can’t access to SD folder after a printing task is completed; it happened every time.
  4. Frequently disconnecting from Flux or Can’t find the printer after it’s successfully connected.
    To everyone,
    I need Flux Studio 0.3.0. I couldn’t find in download website. Many thanks.


I second that. Apparently, after importing and finishing a print, the flux stays in that same state and doesn’t get out of it. Also, started getting micro-usb connection errors, never had that till update.

Where is the 3.0 version…that was working without any problems.


I also need Windows v0.3.0, since my Windows 10 (x64), FS v0.3.2 is not working. I have the same oversized object issue with small dimension G-Code files that printed OK with v0.3.0. Even the STL files are not accepted in the latest FS version. However, on my Mac OSX 10.10.5, both FS versions work OK.
@Simon, please put FSv0.3.0 Windows-x64 back online…


I saved my copy of 0.3.0 x64