FLUX Store Purchase


HI, just wan to check if the company is actually still active as I have placed an order for extra filament on 26 Nov and to date I have yet to receive any shipment. I only receive DHL shipment notification but to date the status remained the same and the company has not posted the item to DHL. I have contacted their support team and this is the fourth day and I have yet to receive any reply from them. If this continues on, i’ll just have to request a refund. Anyone has similar issues like mine?


They have been really quiet lately. I have sent some pings to Simon, no response. Usually though DHL takes several days to get updates, so hopefully you will get your product. I hope they are still around, I know they put a new product on their website, so maybe they are focused on that.


I ordered a new filament sensor to replace my broken one back on 11/30/2017, I got the DHL email a day later with tracking info. All was quite until this morning when I got a message letting me know my delivery had been picked up and was going to need a signature upon delivery. So they are still completing orders, just not lightning quick. Hang in there…


hi Neoitd, thank you for reaching out.
Please don’t worry, FLUX is definitely still active! In fact, we’re preparing for the launch of our brand new product!
Your order was shipped last Friday, you can track the parcel using the tracking number in the notification email.
We’re sorry for the long wait, some colors were out of stock but they’re all restocked now.



hi pmbroth,

I once saw Simon’s inbox and it was FULL of notifications, so he might miss a couple messages, I will remind Simon to check for yours. Thank you for helping out!


hi Itaylotwarren,

Your order was also shipped last Friday and it should arrive soon. We apologize for the long wait, we will do a better a job at restocking inventory in the future, thank you for your support!


Thank you, glad to hear all if going well!!