Flux+ Order Status and info


Depends on what country you are in and your customs really.

I know from watching the Kickstarter for the original that I will likely need to go down to the customs office and clear the machine and people in Canada paid around $100 in duties/taxes on the original. I budgeted it for that and have money sitting in an envelope for when the notice arrives to get it dealt with. It was part of the original discussion with my partner when we pre-ordered in the winter. So that even if I’m away he can run down and clear it.

Technically it’s shipping in his name since it was easier that way logistically with the move. :smile:


Well hopefully it’s not too much.

Should be here soon!


Haha yah I’m stalking my email waiting for a shipping notice now! :slight_smile:

Edit…and I got one and got all excited but it’s from Amazon. Looks like the new telescope will arrive first. Haha.


No phone call, but I just got an email from a DHL support agent telling me how much I need to pay for duties and taxes. It’s just a little bit off from my own calculations but I’m putting that down to the exchange rate. And it’s COD so I just need to wait for the delivery (anytime soon today).


yay! looks like your getting closer and closer to joining the flux forum and printing :slight_smile: good luck!


DHL delivered the package today, the cardboard is pretty beat up and there are several punctured holes in it. I will open it soon to make sure nothing is broken.

Taxes and Duty were about 50$. I am leaving tomorrow for summer vacation so I wont get to try it before I leave…:cry:


I just opened and everything looks very good! I won’t know until I get back. I ordered extra filament it was not in the order. I wonder if another shipment is coming…


Aww getting a new toy before leaving on a trip never fun. But just think of the excitement of the journey home haha.

No shipping notice yet here. But who knows where they are on the list right now. Patiently waiting and stalking the tracking numbers for the telescope and a couple other packages (cricut mystery boxes are going to be the death of my credit card I swear).


yes, the filament will come later, i got my filament first and toolheads later.


squeeeee shipping notice received!! I will soon officially be one of you guys!