Flux+ Order Status and info


We are getting excited now as our order should ship this month. Is there a place to see what is going on with orders other than the page that says “processing”? Were you able to ship orders on time for the original Flux?

Do you think that the Flux+ is going to ship on time?


no, they delayed my order 3 times, I’m not sure if you’ll get lucky since their service got better but anyway I got srsly excited when I got my printer, An insane experience awaits you!


Thanks for the reply. 10 days left in June. I am optimistic but wish that they had made an announcement by now.

Time will tell.


@Geese - in the same boat (and I used your referral code so I know I’m in queue after you…lol my excitement will likely spike up the moment you post yours is on it’s way!).

In the meantime I just have Dr. Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror in my head every time I check my account.



you should be getting a shipping confirmation from DHL right about now, i got mine 8 or 9 days before i received my printer,
anyway, hope you get your printer sooner than i did!


I am still optimistic despite not being able to log in to their website for 3 days. This happened before a few times…

I am sure that the wait and suspense will all be worth it…We have a lineup of kids waiting to use this…

Hopefully the website is up soon and printers are shipping.


Man Getting excited for the printer. Hopefully they send out a notice soon for shipping xD


I haven’t been able to log into the website for about a week now. How about the rest of you?


Same as you. About a week. It’s happened before though so I’m not reading too much into it.


I can log in. My order is still in Processing with shipping time ETA June 2017.

Came here to see if there were any announcements or updates. Guess I’m setting up camp right along with you!


try writing a ticket to support if you’re not able to login, they can send you your notice through email. Good Luck!

also tell them that login is not working, Bye!


ok, people started saying that login is working now, you should try too: Difficulty loging in to Flux Store Account?


Yep - back in. Still processing. But the Google Home finally came to Canada so I’m currently messing around with that. :slight_smile:


Awesome, really wanna get my hands on that too! :frowning: there isn’t much of google here, you can’t find a Google Pixel here in a electronics shop easily, so I don’t think I will be seeing a Google Home anytime soon


If it’s any consolation you can barely get a pixel in Canada. Lol

I actually got a Moto Z (which I adore) because my carrier doesn’t bring the Google phones in if they can avoid it and paying outright for a $900 CAD phone was a tad much at the time (with everything else going on in life).

But yah the Home release is looking like it’s going to be a drawn out process globally (echo and homepod even worse…they aren’t available here yet either).

So far it’s been fun. Might have to try printing out a new base for it (Canadian base options very limited) when the printer finally gets here (just to get this back on topic haha).


Well the flux team was nice enough to send an email update regarding the delays. :slight_smile:

If you didn’t see it maybe check your spam folder.

The anticipation grows! Haha


so, if you guys receive your printers, pls tell us, we are in need of new users right now(the forum is sleeping), nobody makes posts anymore, apart from a few users, also im printing the otto right now, gonna receive my otto parts soon :slight_smile:

definitely will post to the forum, and will try not to forgot as usual


I got my shipping notice today! Scheduled for delivery on Monday.


Oh that’s exciting! Let us know when it arrives!


I received an email from DHL saying that my printer was being shipped. Then this morning I got a call but I am away on business so I gave them my wife’s number.

They called her and asked her lots of questions. Oddly they asked her if Flux was our company and if we ordered an X amount of dollar machine from Taiwan.

She told them that it is not our company but we ordered it. Im wondering why the questions. Maybe duty or taxes?

Anyone else get similar questions?