FLUX Mobile App


Nope. Never got the Test Flight invite either. Hoping the expiration of beta is a good sign that App store release is coming? #FingersCrossed


Yep, same here! Was happy that it was working so well. Phone + camera on flux = good combination.


If a camera doesn’t extend, a camera shouldn’t be enable on status update.


What is the status on the android app?


It is still beta but you can download it on the playStore. You have to look in the bata apps to find it.


I have the beta version but after one of the updates, the machine can no longer be found.


How do you “bind” the app to your printer? I have the app installed on Android.


In FLUX Studio on computer, go to Account, then login and select your machine and select Bind.


As of 0.7.4 my mobile app has completely stopped working. When first opening, it tells me to bind the machine (it already is), then subsequently opening it, it just stays on refreshing forever. It never connects.

Anyone else have this issue or have any ideas?


It’ work with firmware version 1.6.20.


I never even had that one installed. My machine was down for a while, then when I got parts, I went to 1.6.25, then 1.6.40, and now I see 1.6.51 is out already…

A lot of software and firmware updates coming fast… I’ll see what’s in 1.6.51, and maybe will have to downgrade again.

I’m getting very tired of the ‘double-clutch’ bug in 0.7.5 already too.


Really!!! I can’t keep up with all the changes and not always working :upside_down_face:.


That’s kind of how I am starting to feel too. The updates are coming too fast, broken things are not getting fixed and more new bugs are being introduced. I would prefer they slow down the update schedule so that an update actually fixes the things that were broken previously, THEN introduce new features. It is getting harder to tell which update caused which problems now, and getting more convoluted with each iteration.


How do I get the app?
I simply can’t find anything about it - no link, nothing on an app store either…
(I’m using iOS)


Search here in the forums, you will find a link to request it via testflight.

Then you have to wait to be approved by @proclaim who is currently on vacation.

Then you might have to downgrade FLUX Studio several versions below the current version since the app is not working anymore. (No guarantee that will work either.)

In other words, wait a few days until @proclaim gets back, and then we can both make some more noise in this thread about how those that want the app can get it, and how we can get the app working again since it’s been broken for a while now.


i need help, i know its in BETA but it says servers are full!


Kill all the apps you previously opened on your smartphone because sometimes it creates this problem.


I don’t think Flux studio has anything to do with the app. The app is perfectly working in my case. My Firmware version is 1.6.4 and I use Flux 7.3 and sometimes 6.3.


For those who use Android here is the link to the app if you have trouble finding it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flux.app&hl=fr


Maybe iOS vs Android problem. But you are also now 4 versions behind on FLUX Studio, and Firmware. Theoretically FLUX Studio should have no effect, but firmware definitely might.

It just never connects, never does anything.