Flux logo usb extension

I have modified the FLUX LOGO stl file from Thiniverse by jimustanguitar
(http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1362246). Into a USB extension housing. I print from the USB often, and reaching around to access the USB is a pain… so I have been using a short extension cord for USB. But it looks messy to me. I have used the LOGO to make a housing that connects to the base of the FLUX on the short side near the lighted logo switch and WiFi indicator. You simply snake a USB extension up the hole in the back and glue the end flush with the face of the logo. That glues/fastens to the base of the FLUX with a wedge that makes the face of the logo parallel to the front of the base of the FLUX.

I am printing it now… will post on THINIVERSE later if it works.


Print finished. Looks good. Medium quality, no supports, no raft.

It’s done and it works! I will post to thingiverse later and report.


AND… It’s up at Thingiverse:


Cool. I don’t use the USB but now i’m wishing i did so i’d have an excuse to print this :smile:

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I like spiral patterns!