FLUX in the News

FLUX made the list of All-In-One Printers.

All3DP All-in-ones

I am curious if anyone has actually been successful with the scanner at all though. I’ve been working on some new designs and trying to scan a base model for a few days now with no useful results at all.

Tried front-light, back-light, low-light, dim-light, and every combination thereof. All resulted in some areas that looked good and then a bunch of weird ‘doubled’ artifacts. Nothing usable.

For now, I’m going back to photogrammetry and Sketch+/Meshmixer to make some progress.

For anyone that is working on getting scanner to actually work, the best result I had was when I grabbed some paper off the regular printer and taped it around the all 3 sides of the FLUX. Essentially a Lightbox. I then placed an LED lamp on the side. That actually got fairly close to usable results, but then FLUX Studio crashed during the Convert processing… When I have time to play around with it, I think that the Lightbox method will be the trick, just finding the right combination with light at this point. (And buggy software)

I really hope that the ‘exciting things’ @proclaim alluded to include fixing some of the features.

Does anyone have any experience with XYZPrinting (also in Taiwan) Da Vinci 3-in-1? Is there scanning any better? From reading all the other posts I have yet to see anyone have any success with scanning.

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What photogrammetry program are you using? I’ve done one or two things with AutoDesk ReMake, but was curious what else is out there, and what more experienced people like.

I would hardly say more experienced when it comes to anything 3D related :slight_smile:

I’m using both ReMake/Memento, and 123D Catch. From there, sometimes MeshLab, and then into Meshmixer. I really want to try Sculptris but I can’t get it to run stable. Anything I do and it crashes after 30 seconds. Gave up on that one. SketchUp Make is good for some stuff, but they’re running so many little outgoing connections it tends to freeze up or crash if the model is too complicated.

I’m working on getting VisualSFM compiled to have a bit more control over things, but learning curve ramps up fast.

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