Flux HEXA - what do YOU think?

Hi there HEXA users!
I’ve noticed there’s only few to no mention on this forum about the (brand new) HEXA.
Even the title of this forum does mention Hexa (just yet).

This is the reason why I started this thread: Hexa users all over the world: tell me about your machine. What do you think are the benefits over Beambox / Beamo… And what’s still bothering you? Any bugs? Anything YOU think what should be the most common feature, but is yet not implemented in BeamStudio? Spill your guts :slight_smile: If we unite in our calls, perhaps we can make something happen! Happy lasering all of you!

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I’ve got it me on order. I don’t think they are shipping until the beginning of October. That’s probably why no one has commented yet. No one (apart from some review units) has one yet.

I pre-ordered mine in January 2022. It was shipped beginning of August, so I’ve been able to play around with it for some weeks now. Just thought more people would have a pre-order… Anyway, I’m a patient person… NOT :crazy_face: