FLUX Firmware 1.6.4 Change Log


Firmware 1.6.4 Change Log

New Feature

  • Support new camera, extruder from the upgrade kit
  • Support callback URL during device’s status change
  • Support direct USB connection
  • Support load / unload / temperature during pause
  • Support no tool head lifting during pause


  • Fix WEP support
  • Fix crash when resolving DNS


  • Firmware speed improvement
  • Toolhead timeout (electricity cut off) from 30 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Toolhead will not maintain temperature during pause
  • Default WIFI password changed to ‘flux-delta’



Loaded. No issues detected as of yet. Happy New Year


Support new camera, extruder from the upgrade kit???

Has the upgrade kit been sent?


No it hasn’t @William_Ishiwata check out this thread about the upgrade kit Upgrade to Flux Delta+


I’m using S3D slicer. I want to change a filament in middle of print by using S3D. I have try to use add on post scripts on S3D but unsuccessful with the print. I need your guidance. Thanks.


Use your text editor open the g-code file and insert command ‘M25’ where you want to pause your print task.


Thanks. Let me try with M25 instead of M226. Does this pause will be inline with a change filament in middle print task without cancel/abort it?
FYI for S3D user, an user can replace gcode line in S3D without open text editor. Under advance setting->Scripts->Additional terminal commands for post processing. here is an example syntax like this: {REPLACE “; layer 50,” “M25\n; layer 50,”}


I just noticed, that in the latest firmware, the toolhead fan will immediately go off, after a print is finished. Before, it was still runnning until a certain temperature was reached. Now it goes off after a few seconds. This already caused some times to jamming filament in the toolhead and you cant start a new print directly. I am the only one for noticing this?


This issue should exist in early 1.6 alpha version only. So maybe there are two things you can help me:

  1. Ensure firmware is not 1.6 alpha version because many people got it from customer service.
  2. If this case happen randomly. If yes, maybe it has communication issue at your USB-C cable.



Like @drmaettu said I also notice this issue with the fan, when the printer finish immediately the fan go off.


Yes, it does go off immediately but should not cause jamming since the retraction in “end_gcode = G91\nG1 E-20 F300\nM104 S0\nG90\nM84\n” pulls back the hot-end filament by 20mm. Just avoid touching the tip since it will stay hot longer without the fan.