FLUX Firmware 1.6.20 Change log


FLUX Firmware 1.6.20 Change log


  • Supports changing printing temperature in the middle of a print.
  • Supports hd camera for FLUX Delta+ / Upgrade Kits.
  • Supports changing filament in pausing state.


  • Change the toolhead position in pausing state.
  • Tune down the maximum speed of auto filament loading to prevent clogging.



A small green LED is blinking and the printer’s still connected on WIFI network. I’m able to import gcode file and start printing. IPhone app is connected to the printer. Does a green LED has to be always on when it has valid WIFI connection? Please advice.
After finishing a print, a green LED is solid on after power cycle the printer but can’t connect the printer from iPhone app. I start another print then start function is not visible even though WIFI connection is OK. Restart FS the it’s OK.


couple users did report that they’re connected to wifi but the green led blinks. We’re investigating, thanks for letting us know =)