Flux Delta Upgrade Experiences


I have to assume that my case involved a one-time electric short circuit and was instantaneous, upon power on. I installed the replacement board with no problems, but I learned yesterday that it’s not driving the extruder motor at all. The printer thinks it’s working (throws no errors), but nothing happens. No sound or movement. Setting up another service request.


that does not sound promising:(

I did send in my board for repair 2 days ago


We shouldn’t lose hope. The Delta is still a tinkering project, and there’s a lot of necessary knowledge about them that isn’t well articulated on the FLUX websites. Ultimately, the FLUX team will suss out the issue and help make things right. Best of luck with your new board. :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m upgrading the laser poles with the magnets. For some reason I cant find the video tutorial to do this.

Can somebody, please, help me

Thank you


I can’t find the video either so I have taken a picture of where I stuck my magnets for you. If my memory is correct I think you stick those stickers down first as a guide for where you want the magnets to sit and then stick down the magnets.

Good luck!


Thanks! I finally got around to installing the upgrades on Friday and today and the scanner poles were, by far, the most difficult, mostly because I didn’t know what the final result was going to be. Everything else had great video showing all the steps, I don’t know what happened on this one.
Your picture was worth a 1000 words and was critical for me to figure it out. Thanks again for helping out the forum!


Thank you Matfink this helped a lot!

Just in case anyone needs it, Howard from the Flux support team sent me a link to the video tutorial of the Scanner Laser Poles Upgrade (magnet version). Here it is: