Flux Delta Upgrade Experiences


The magnets are probably the hardest thing to install. There are hazards all over the place that want to suck up the magnet while you’re guiding it in. And if you drop it… it’s inevitably going to grab on to something underneath a stepper or some other place.

  • Use some non-magnetic tweezers or forceps to put it in (I has some nylon ones for handing coins).
  • If you drop a magnet, a regular screwdriver that is highly magnetic can often attract the magnet away from wherever it fell to.
  • Wait a good amount of time for the superglue to set. Also, if you put the laser scanner poles down too early, before the glue has finished outgassing, it will “fog” the plastic on the poles with a white haze, which you don’t want. (You also don’t want to pull off the magnets…)
  • You will probably have to re-align the lasers so they’re vertical. There’s a slot across the face of the laser modules that you can (with difficulty) engage with a small screwdriver and gently twist to change the alignment. I used a small jeweler’s screwdriver that I caught the very edge of the slot with so that I could see the laser line more or less while I turned. It’s tricky, especially since it’s hard to fish around for the adjustment.


Yeah, I did the same… just had to find a screwdriver just the right size for the slot so that I could make sure both the lasers were vertical again… thankfully there is the ‘laser on’ command in the flux studio which makes that bit easier! I actually found the opposite end of the tweezers good… the magnet just stuck to to the solid metal mass on the end, and didn’t even try to snap onto anything else, and I could just poke the magnet into place and hold it down… no fiddling with gripping it or anything… just insert and hold in place for 10-15 seconds and then see if it can stay put. :slight_smile:

Now, just just need the guys at flux central to figure out what went wrong with the 3d scanning… as it don’t wanna play! :open_mouth: That and the 90 degree camera rotation… but that is a minor issue. I hope they update the view in flux studio soon though so it makes use of the increased FOV of the camera though.


I let the glue dry for an hour, put everything together and the poles got the white haze…nothing I can do now


Hi. I tired to upgrade the laser pole because it keeps popping up during prints. However I’m stuck in the early step to screw in the small screws because there isn’t any screw holes. Do anyone have the same problem? And did u solve it by gluing it instead?


The new part included in the upgrade kit has the screw holes.


Hi Alex,
Thanks for the info.

The piece in the picture is new from the upgrade kit. I must have received the older version instead of the new one.


Hmm interesting submit a ticket and I’m sure they’ll fix the problem that’s unfortunate that you’ll have to leave those unassembled while you wait. One thing you could do (which I wouldn’t recommend) is glue the metal plate to the plastic.


Thanks. I’ve request for a ticket and see how it goes from there.


Sorry to be obtuse and clarify the earlier answer… but when you say the piece in the picture is from the upgrade kit… are you only referring to the metal plate? Or did you swap out the black half piece of the scanner pole also? As the new half piece has the screw holes (and appears to be the only change to it).


Hi Peter,

Both my new “black half piece” do not come with the screw hole. I attempted to tap it with a sharper screw but the material is pretty hardy.

I wonder if the flux is precise enough to print a new “black half piece” with the screw hole and threads.


I had some calibration issues which has led me to take my poles apart again to get the lasers pointing in the right direction. So I’ve taken a couple of pictures. It looks like the only difference is the two screw holes so I’d just drill a couple of small holes (smaller than the thread of course). If you glue it down you’ll never be able to replace the latch.
Don’t forget to put the screw slot of the lasers horizontally not vertically as I did which led me to take it apart again once. Then I found my lasers were not overlapping at the center so I’ve been filing bits of plastic off and padding with tape to get them pointing to the center. Now it’s starting to look usable. And of course the black plastic sticky covers don’t stick any more.


Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve used the Delta to print it’s own parts :wink:

Thanks for the photos @matfink… yup, I remember comparing the two parts wondering what was actually different, and could only see the two holes…

So are the lasers actually supposed to overlap? Mine don’t (and I’m not sure they ever have?)… I tweaked them to both be vertical with a blade screwdriver, and they seem to be working fine with some 2-3 squares of separation on the calibration plate… the separation seems to let the scan process work from two different angles as it turns the piece??


Well, ever since it was new, the two lines were separated and the generated point cloud produced two separate shells which do not overlap and which did not appear to be joined by any software process. The new poles brought the lines a lot closer together. So I took the opportunity to get the lines to cross exactly on the center and sure enough it now generates a much nicer looking, single, point cloud. I used a bit of filing and a couple of bits of tape at the rear of each laser to get them pointing near the center and the new magnetic holders allows a final “twist and stick” to the center.


Hm… I had the same issue, but when I calibrated it, it seemed to re-align things and it doesn’t seem to have the overlap issue. Some guidance on this is really needed, as we’re all just guessing the dark at the moment. It seems that for you, having them overlap works… but for me, they are simply parallel, but it seems to be scanning fine (when it wants to, that is).


Well it used to be that the lasers pointed to the left and right of the center line and crossed somewhere behind the center. With the new poles, the left laser was pointing to the right of the center line, probably because of the extra glue under the magnets causing the pole to tilt. So I figured I had nothing too loose as the last time I tried scanning I had two separate point clouds. I need to do some more scans but it seems to be working OK.


Thanks for the pointers.
Maybe I should invest in an electrical drill.


I just realized that there are not foam pieces for where the rods connect for the laser module/soon to be also vinyl cutter. Has anybody found theses pieces online/what are you using for the module?


Darn it. DHL just sent me a letter demanding £16.57, which is £5.57 in value added tax on £27.81 delivery charge and an £11.00 “disbursement” charge by DHL which I can only assume is for the pleasure of having them pay the £5.57 and send me a letter about it. Oh well.


:open_mouth: How rude! Maybe you should charge them for the pleasure of using their service? Or for reading their letter? :laughing:


So I did all the upgrades besides camera and scanner poles…

Trying to get back to the quality of before the upgrades as I prefer it.
I think it was printed in Flux Studio but I will run an S3D test next to make sure.

Still interesting to see the difference the new rubber piece addon for the nozzle does.

Ooh yeah and I had some extruder “clicking” @195 (Nr2) but not a lot.

edit: Toolhead firmware 1.2.18 and delta 1.6.56

edi2: ooh yes and I love the magnetic print plate so far :grin:

edit3: to get the magnetic printing plate to work well with Simplify3D I had to copy the Flux Studio start gcode as it helps a lot :slight_smile: No more need for a brim or skirt it seems (at least on my marvin tests)