Flux Delta Upgrade Experiences


I did everything at once. Upgraded the machine (extruder, cables, etc all but the scanner poles) updated the firmware and using 0.8.0, I accept the default settings the prints are as good as the ones I was getting when the machine was new.

I am using some Polymaker PolyPLusPLA I had one print fail because the filament snapped.

I have had 2 prints of fair quality ( still can’t seem to make circles or ovals nicely)
Another print failed due to lack of supports.

The quality is much better than previous. Less noise, no knocking. Clean first layer (raft etc) Sticks well to the magnetic build plate. (Sometimes tough to remove the small bits from the supports.

It is not great but it is much better than me not being able to use it at all because of extreme warping issues leading to 100% print failures.


I had finished my upgrade, but I have a question what is the reason of the rubber for the nozzle, maybe this a newbie question, but I have no idea the about what this achieve?

Also the if the rubber is touching the nozzle this will not melt? I don’t know how much temperature the rubber can support.


Just guessing, but probably to help add a barrier between the nozzle and air blowing back from the cooling fans. It will be some high temperature rubber, like silicone rubber, which is good for up to 300c.


Anyone having issues with the upgraded camera module rotated 90 degrees? I have change the settings in FS but its still rotated


Yes, a few of have had that. Try restarting both the Delta and Flux Studio… that should cure it. :wink:


The rubber is very important that it will prevent hot PLA climbing into the printhead from the outside (which usually happens when a print detached from build plate and stuck on the nozzle). It’s a must have.


That did the trick thanks!


wow I was losing the train! I just ordered my free upgrade kit. :smile_cat:




Any other updates on the knocking noise? I did not have it anymore before the upgrade. I upgraded, and the noise is back with a vengeance. I tried the following with no help:

  1. Higher temp, lower temp
  2. Material flow - 95
  3. Different filament brands, which I never had a problem with such as Hatchbox, xyz
  4. Tried slower printing
  5. Oiler/filer

What I notice is that when it makes the noise the filament is being kicked back

Any Ideas, the noise is annoying, and sounds like something is going to break!


Do you get the knocking noise at all layers or on the first layer only?


All layers… unfortunately


Same here I have more troubles than before. I did try all of these too…

Does aneyone know what enabeling the extruder upgrade in the software does?

One thing I have yet to try is diabling that and keeping the upgrades…

All layers here too

Unfortunately I can’t go back to my old extruder gear as I shortened the spring when I was trying something:(



I may have to open it up and put back the old parts…


I will if I find a spring that works


Could the knocking be due to the set-screw of the gear on the filament feed stepper motor hitting the metal frame every rotation? I noticed that if the gear is put to far forward on the shaft, the set-screw hits the frame (I cannot remember exactly the frame or other fixed part, the top of mine is closed now and I don’t exactly remember the mechanics). I noticed that issue when I was upgrading my feeder and if you don’t install the gear at right spot, the set-screw does not clear the frame.


I got it fixed!!!

I opened the unit up, and the spring that is used for the filament pressure, jumped off of the little nipple. I put it back, and all is well for now!! If it happens again, I will have to put a screw to hold the screw. I hope this helps someone else!!


Me not yet… just changed the nozzle as I am having a hard time clearing the clog in my 0.2mm one :frowning:


trying to do the extruder head upgrade and ran into a problem. My head appears to have melted. I am not entirely sure what to do about this.

Any thoughts?


Click the top menu Machine > Commands > Set toolhead temperature and set the temp to 100-120C. Peel off all the PLA on the metal parts and the upgrade kit can be installed properly.


I installed the upgrade over the weekend. The over all build wasn’t difficult. The magnets were the same as most others said. A pain to glue down, but I used the end of needle nose pliers to move in place. After a minute I used a straw to hold the magnet down while I detached the pliers.

The extruder feeder is just a problem. I had it in place and got the clicking where it was digging into the filament. It stopped feeding at that point. It was engaging and retracting but not feeding. I tried taking the top off while it was printing to work on it, but I just couldn’t get it to stop. I never had a problem with the original so I put it back on. Problem went away. I don’t know what is wrong with the upgrade, but it’s not working right.

I didn’t like the new shorter sprints for the scanner upgrade. There was no springing up with those on. I’d have to get ahold of the parts and manually pull them up until the magnets engaged for it to work. I put the original springs on with the upgrade parts I don’t believe that was even worth the effort. I hadn’t had any issues from them before. I fear putting the upgrade on may lead me down a path that leads to problems.

The USB cable is great so I don’t have to connect wifi now. That wasn’t fun since my Flux is a good distance from the router. Only issue is, the connection seems to dump with the change of the wind. Seems like a software issue. Everything is going fine, then it says no connection found. Good thing LS that the Flux keeps rolling along after the print has been sent to it.

I really didn’t notice any difference in the print after all that. I selected Delta + in the preferences and set everything up. Not really sure what exactly the upgrade did. Maybe the camera being better will work…