Flux Delta Upgrade Experiences


Just finished upgrading my Flux Delta with the Upgrade Kit, and the experience was pretty smooth. I did everything but the laser pole upgrade because I’ve never had problems with my laser poles.

The whole experience took about 90 minutes to complete, which means that they under-estimated their times in the help guide. I have to say, I’m the most excited about the magnetic mat. I’m really looking forward to never having to use glue on my plate again.

There were only 2 things that I had trouble with:

  • The silicone lubricant top shot off causing it to go everywhere. I don’t think the dropper part will ever work again.
  • When I started up Flux Studio 0.7.4, after making the settings changes, and tried to start printing, it just give an error to restart Flux Studio and retry. That did not work. Updating Flux Studio to 0.7.6 and the newest machine firmwear seems to have fixed it.

The help guide videos were very useful and give really good step by step instructions. They are available here if you haven’t found them yet:

My upgrade experience

Yours came with the magnetic mat? When I placed my order they weren’t available separately and they said in the blog post that the mats weren’t being included. Need to pickup mine at DHL tomorrow…


The mats or the steel plate? I believe that the mat is supposed to come with the kit, and it was the build plate itself that wasn’t included (and we were credited for). Did I read it wrong?


I thought it was the round flexible magnetic mat that was not available and the second $10 off code was supplied to offset the cost of the metal build plate should you want to order that.


No, I don’t think you did read it wrong… I pretty sure it was the metal base plate, as they had changed the way the print was applied so it didn’t wear off as easily, but where having QC issues so had to remove it. The magnetic mat is still part of the upgrade kit (as I have one right in front of me now! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and AFAIK is a custom part from the new BuildTak FlexPlate system, so should be available for just about any 3D printer soon :wink:


Same here milkdog… I’ve done the toolhead cable, oil absorbing foam, metal printing toolhead base and camera kit upgrades so far… and the videos have been excellent for them. I also had the silicon lubricant head fly off… obviously we’re too impatient to let all that good lubricant come out in it’s own time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only problem I’ve encountered so far is that whilst my camera now has a much better field of view in the vertical direction… it is rotated 90 degrees… just like someone else posted in the forum a few days ago… so off I go to add my name to the list of those inflicted! :open_mouth:

Oh, and if you want to see what the difference is between the two cameras, have a look at the post I just made in that thread, as I have pictures from the stock camera and the upgrade kit camera. Ignoring the 90 degree clockwise issue, you can see the upgrade camera adds quite a bit of height to the field of view.


Well that’s awesome then - I totally misread the announcement and was waiting for them to add the mat to the store. Saw it was there finally and then saw pictures with people getting the mat and was confused…


Kit definitely comes with the magnetic mat. I did take the opportunity to order a second copy of the original steel plate, and that was shipped together with my kit.

I noticed that the new extruder came with threads for the pneumatic fitting that did not match the ones on my printer. Fortunately, I had another fitting that was a match. I would guess something changed rather early in production, but people should be aware that if when you’re transferring over the fitting, if it’s not screwing in with just hand-tightening, you’ve got a thread mismatch and you’ll destroy the threads on probably both the extruder and the fitting if you force it.


Upgrade went smooth for me. Videos are perfect and I like everything they included, especially the magnetic mat. I really appreciate the Flux team for all the software and now hardware updates they have done.


All of the videos are awesome!! Shutout to Flux team “Great JOB” Will be complete with the upgrades tonight…


Yes, great job with the videos! I am watching a lithophane print out right now on the new magnetic plate and it looks very nice. A couple of points of difficulty with the upgrade kit though…

  1. Those little magnets are a real pain to install if you have fat fingers like me. They did not want to let go of the metal pliers I was using and you have to use a finger nail to hold them down as in the video. When I let go too early, one came unstuck, snapped over to the other magnet which then also popped off and both then stuck to the metal motor. So my magnets are now sitting crooked on puddles of hardened glue. Hold them down until you are sure they are stuck!
  2. The extruder spring would not stay vertical because a) the little bump in the base plate was not big enough to hold it there and b) the lower end of the spring was not flat so it pushed the spring over to one side. I tried to bend the bottom of the spring into shape but it did not want to go flat. So I installed a bolt to hold it in place.


done all works well, the only thing i did not use yet is the oil sponges


Edit: Oh, I think I know what you mean now… there were magnets in the scanner pole upgrade kit… hm… so it looks like I will end up having to do that then… I’d replaced the scanner poles already so thought I might have the improved version on, but it looks like something else was changed since I don’t remember seeing any magnets before.

Magnets? What were they for? The only issues I had with magnets was using metal tweezers to put in the foam pads on the toolhead… bad combination… keep going where I didn’t want them to go!


Yes that was it, the scanner pole kit. They made it look easy in the video but I bet they had several goes at doing it. Those little magnets have a strong attraction to each other, the motors and your pliers.


Yes indeed… they are strong little suckers! I encountered the same problem you did (just finished doing the scanner pole upgrade), and promptly decided using the other end of the (all metal) tweezers was the way to go… just shove the magnet on the end, poke it into place, hold it there for 10, cross your fingers, and release! :wink:

Oh, and I did something similar to you for the extruder spring… used a big-head screw to give it a bigger locator to so it wouldn’t slide around… seems to be doing the trick!


The magnets were a pain. I had one pop off, and it took me 15 minutes to see where it went in the machine. It was stuck on the motor, hidden by the bracket. That was probably the only thing hat was the biggest pain. My calibration though is not working with the scanner though, I know Flux team is looking in to it, since I’m not the only one with this issue…


I like your solution, I may do the same if needed. I am still waiting for my upgrade kit, it is with DHL in Canada since Monday, it is taking its sweet time to arrive to my door!


I upgraded everything as well. No problems with the youtube videos at all. I have just one negativ point. The usb c cable holders where a real pain in the ass for me. All that in out in out 100 times till it goes in well. I feared everytime that i could brake the cable. But now its on and im neber going to take it off again.


I got one question at last. Do i have to change any setting for flux to recognice the new print bed?


No setting change needed for the magnetic disc. The calibration routine adjusts for the new height. Well, at least it did for me, going from a thin glass plate to a thick metal plate and the magnetic disc.