Flux Delta still "printing" with toolhead ruptured?


This morning, I found a 38 hour print job gone wrong badly, the toolhead still moving around!

I got me a new printhead recently, which did only five printjobs yet, four of which had a bit more visible “stringing” than I was used to before. First I blamed the black PLA filament I used.

So I switched to silver, and, surprisingly, my old foe came back - the blob from inside:

Obviously there was material oozing out frome somewhere else than the tip of the nozzle.
I cleaned up the mess and put on a brand new nozzle - then things got worse:

With four out of six rods detached and the printhead completely toppled over, the machine was still running and pouring out plastic! Only then I remembered that I disabled the toolhead tilt detection in the advanced/expert settings, through “detect_head_tilt=0”.

I strongly recommend never to do that, it is quite a bad idea, Better lubricate everything well, even if black grease residues everywhere ruin the clean appearance of the stunning delta printer.
But as long as rods can detach and head can tilt one has to be very cautious…