Flux delta not working for sale


Hello my flux delta is not working telling me it has bad toohead connection. It has been a great printer and is still under warranty but I am upgrading to a more expensive better printer. I am willing to sell it for 800$ and the only problems it has are the bad connection problem with his can be fixed by buying a new usb c cord and a small hole in the middle of the bed. (New bed or 30$ Cable is 5$). If anyone is interested tell me on the fourms. Flux has been great to me and i left a five star review.


It is also the deluxe pack so it has the laser engraver and vynal cutting and so on and so forth.


hi :slight_smile: i’m not intrested in buying it since i already have one, you should try selling it online on craigslist or something like that. i would say $800 is a bit too steep cuz thats like the price you can get a new one for… $650 is about right. people are going to check the price online, if your price isn’t much lesser they will just get new. thats just my opinion, you can sell however you want :slight_smile: try looking for online ad sites where you can post your own ads.


I tried but I probably need to lower the price. Thank you.