FLUX Delta Family Firmware 1.6.70 Change log


Hi all, Unfortunately Proclaim has been leave us for personal reason,
the change log will update by me, please advise.


– Firmware update via USB cable is going to display “cannot connect machine”
even has been success.
– Disable “Filament Detection” now effect on load filament.


– Optimize extruding speed when loading filament
– Optimize filament position recovering from pause stage
– Improved USB cable stability
– Disable movement test at default


Welcome. Sorry to hear of Jim’s departure. I hope that the transition goes smoothly and that the progress we’ve been seeing continues at the same rate.


Welcome aboard!

Sorry to hear about Jim!


Hey all, thanks for the blessing. Although I won’t be here often, and don’t know if I could be much help, but I feel that you guys are the pros here and are willing to help each other. I’ve been asking FLUX to set some of you guys for the moderator (and some incentives), and hopefully this will be carried out soon =)



Thanks for your support on this community in the past few years and good luck on your new adventure.


Thanks for all your help during the past 14 months in my case and best of luck in your future endeavours.


All the best Jim. It’s been fun!


I did not know he was leaving the company - Best of luck, and thank you for all of your help over the last year! You have a bright future!