Flux Beamo ( Victor)


Just got Flux Beamo( Victor) yesterday. Having a few issuses and hope someone out there can help me out.
So I tried different types of materials and works great engraving. Just tried cutting leather last nite and most of the day today. Itll cut in TRACE mode but when i use the set parameters it will not. Fiddled around with it and got it to cut but says it will take hours to do. Is that normal…8 hrs to cut a simple pattern the size of a sheet of paper?? Also noticed the laser swing arm thingy go all the way from side to side instead of staying in the cutting spot. Any input with any of this would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like you’re cutting in raster mode, not vector. Raster is going to trace back and forth, best for engraving an image. Raster runs with speeds of 100 or 200 mm/s. Vector traces just the lines to cut and uses speeds of under 20. If you try to do raster cutting at vector speeds it will take forever.
There’s no switch that I’ve found that forces between raster and vector, instead, it seems that is any of your shapes have a fill, then it switches to raster. If they’re all just outlines then it goes vector.