Flux Beamo 30w Metal engraving

Does anyone know what settings I need to engrave on a Brilliance coated aluminum metal?

I have tried the presets but it burns the top coat only and it washes off.

Machine: Beamo 30w

It doesn’t work for me either. I have managed to get a barely visible etch but would love to know what I’m doing wrong.

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Thanks for replying. I hope we get some answers eventually. :crossed_fingers:

Have you experimented? Try increasing power / slowing movement until you get the desired penetration.

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I’m not familiar with “Brilliance coated aluminium”. Can you tell me more about it or post a picture or link?

When Flux say it can engrave aluminium, it’s stated to be anodised aluminium. I’ve engraved on sliver coloured anodised aluminium with decent results and blue anodised aluminium with great results. That was nearly a year ago with the default setting so I can’t be sure exactly what option I selected.

If your aluminium is very smooth or polished, I don’t think it would be a suitable material for engraving. If it’s rougher or has a little texture, then it’s probably suitable for engraving.

Oh, and if you add the diode laser then you can do steel engraving with a special powder.

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Sorry for my wording. What I meant is I’m using “Brilliance Laser Marking Spray” Aerosol Spray Can - Black - 12oz – Brilliance Laser Inks on aluminum.IMG_20210503_105017579|666x500

Yeah :metal: I’m waiting for the diode laser. Thanks

To be honest I stopped experimenting with the power and speed wanted to see other people’s opinions but I will start doing that during the weekend. Thanks

Ah, gotcha now. It’s a special kind of ink/dye.

I’ve had a look at that link, and someone said in a review:

Your laser will ultimately determine the outcome, so scan the URL code or do a little research to find the best power and scan speed for your laser. From 40 watt to 150 watt, there’s a sweet spot for each.

It sounds like 30W might not be enough to do the job. But if you did want to run one more experiment, there is a material test engrave.

That’s your best bet to find a good setting.

If you want to read this guy’s full review, I’ve added it below:

Carl Baldwin

October 15, 2020

Performs great, but read below.

I am a substrate decorating professional and have been screen printing and embroidering for over 30 years and most recently (past two years), laser marking and etching.
When marking nude stainless, Brilliance does a fine job if you adhere to the following:
Make sure you have a clean surface. Acetone with fresh 100% cotton or high quality paper towels is best. Follow the direction on the can with respect to distance. It will take a number of attempts before one can master product and can movement to achieve an even and opaque coating that avoids puddling, which can effect appearance somewhat. Your laser will ultimately determine the outcome, so scan the URL code or do a little research to find the best power and scan speed for your laser. From 40 watt to 150 watt, there’s a sweet spot for each. You will lose some product along the way. Take heart…they are recoverable. With a sanding block and 100 grit metal dedicated sand paper and a lot of elbow grease, you can remove an image form brushed stainless and it’ll look just fine for re-marking. Trust me…been there, done that. All depends on what your time is worth, but drink ware can be expensive.
With Brilliance, you will end up with a matte, deep charcoal image just shy of jet black. I found the price difference and the shear number of units I am marking was worth switching to Brilliance. I did an apples to apples comparison with the same design, product, power and scan speed settings. There’s a slight but barely noticeable difference in favor of the other brand with regard to blackness, but not enough to justify the price difference when I’m going through nearly 5 cans on one job. At a foot away, no discernible difference at all.

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You may find some help at this site. They are an authorized vendor of Beamo & also provide laser cutting guidance online. I was having issues with my glowforge laser cutter & they sorted it out over a video call. Email them they’re very responsive.

What is this special powder?

You know, I’m not sure what the powder is. It’s mentioned on the product pages:

What is FLUX Stainless Steel coating?

You can engrave on stainless steel with beamo only when it is coated with our specialized coating. Before you start, cover the material with the coating first for lasting results.

But I couldn’t find it on their online store page.

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My Diode laser came in yesterday and I managed to mark polished stainless steel with “Brilliance marking Spray.” I scratched the surface of the mark and it didn’t come off.