Flux Beamo 30w Metal engraving

Does anyone know what settings I need to engrave on a Brilliance coated aluminum metal?

I have tried the presets but it burns the top coat only and it washes off.

Machine: Beamo 30w

It doesn’t work for me either. I have managed to get a barely visible etch but would love to know what I’m doing wrong.

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Thanks for replying. I hope we get some answers eventually. :crossed_fingers:

Have you experimented? Try increasing power / slowing movement until you get the desired penetration.

I’m not familiar with “Brilliance coated aluminium”. Can you tell me more about it or post a picture or link?

When Flux say it can engrave aluminium, it’s stated to be anodised aluminium. I’ve engraved on sliver coloured anodised aluminium with decent results and blue anodised aluminium with great results. That was nearly a year ago with the default setting so I can’t be sure exactly what option I selected.

If your aluminium is very smooth or polished, I don’t think it would be a suitable material for engraving. If it’s rougher or has a little texture, then it’s probably suitable for engraving.