Flux beambox pro - touch screen is not uploading


My name is aviv, i am a main operator in a custom gifts company.

we have recieved a new flux beambox pro about a month ago,

it was working fine and well, also yesterday evening.

this morning we press the start round button, the touch screen had light also the start button.

but there is nothing on the screen,

also not the Warning that shows up every time we start the machine.

we wait over an hour, tried to restart, same happens.

tried to start the machine from the button on the back, same happens.

we are using the machine for business operations, and we need your help with it.

there are many orders that we have to make with it.

how can we fix this? thank you!

Hi Aviv

you don’t actually NEED the screen in order for the Beambox to work, right? (Dunno this for sure, I have the Hexa and I don’t need the screen, everything is done through the BeamStudio software)
So if you’re still able to connect to your machine, my guess is it’s perhaps a faulty HDMI connector or a loose connection. Since you only received it a month ago, I would advise you to return the machine under warranty. With a bit of luck you could get a temporary replacement while yours is being fixed.

Let us know how you handled it!

Greets, p