Flux 9.1 new version released



Any news about new version of flux? I really would love to be able to turn off auto slicing, and have a button for slicing. As I add multiple objects, it becomes frustrating. Thank you Brian


Are they still in business?


I hope so, no response. But they have a new product coming out. Does not make sense that no activity in a while for them…


Things have been strangely quiet… I hope they’re still kicking.


I have pinged Simon several times. It may be they are winding down their flux printer support in lieu of their new product launch. We have had new versions of software at a minimum of monthly, and we have not had a new version in a long time, especially when folks stated there were bugs. Hopefully they are still around, at least the forum is still up…


I must admit I am a little disappointed if they retire support for the Flux. Up to date, the support has been great. I hope they will continue some semi-regular updates. I certainly understand if they need to do quarterly updates.


On the bright side, they did up update the USA site with the new product


I put in a support ticket and got a same day response. FLUX may not be very active on the forum anymore, but getting such a quick reply on the support site was a welcomed sign of life.


That is good news!! Happy Holidays to all!!!


My Kick Starter version printer is still working fine :-). Happy holidays to everyone.


Can confirm the support channel is still responsive and helpful.


My Kick-starter printer still works great! I just would like a newer version of software, that I can disable the auto-slicing, and the bugs that are known to be fixed.