Flux 9.1 new version released


I’m first :slight_smile: Just saw a new version of the software released 9.1



– Cannot into Print page and display “WebGL is not supported” that happened on some computers.
– Firmware of FLUX has been updated but still pop up new firmware notice.
– Remove duplicate “cut_bottom” at Expert Settings.
– Remove duplicate “z_offset” at Expert Settings.
– “support_type = touching_build_plate” not work at Expert Settings.
– Delete button cannot remove object. (Windows)
– “Clear Scene” in Menu -> Edit cannot use.
– Support -> Spacing not work in Cura2 of Slicing Engine.


– Default Expert Setting change.
— retraction_amount = 8
— retraction_count_max = 15
— retraction_extrusion_window = 8
— retraction_prime_speed = 80
— retraction_retract_speed = 80
— z_offset = 0.1
— support_line_distance = 2.0


Anybody else seeing this error when starting a new job each time?


I don’t have the problem on importing gcode file for one printing task to the next.


I was getting that when using USB cable but not wifi.


I’m seeing it on WiFi, and it’s truly every time. Whether I’ve just launched Flux Studio, or am printing a subsequent parts in the same session. I’ve rebooted the Delta in between, and even upgraded the software from 9 to 9.1, and it still persists. Firmware is up to date, so is the toolhead…It’s not a hindrance, just an annoyance. I can easily click ‘Yes’ and keep moving, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.


Do you have a bug report? It can help us determine the issue


Do you mean that I should post here: http://forum.flux3dp.com/c/bug-report or do you mean that I should dump the logs and open a service ticket?


It got it on 0.9.0, when starting a print, after running a load filament job! :confounded: WiFi connection latest machine and toolhead firmware AFAIK.


So it appears to me that the 0.9.1 version on macOS is not updating a dashboard that is left on the screen as a print job is running. It does not show progress and if I close and reopen it, the progress is updated, but again does not change until I close and reopen it again.



I wish there was away to stop the auto slicing, it is so annoying, especially if you are adding multiple parts at one at a time.

How to disable auto slicing?. And as you add parts the screen representation of the printer rotates every part that is added. Annoying!!

Thank you



I would very much like to see the scaling tool allow for typed in sizes larger than 100%. As it is, I have to scale by hand and am unable to be exact. Scaling downwards works just fine.


There has been no news from Flux - Any new software releases coming?



You’re right… Things have seemed quiet lately.


I also want to know of some news, some new version of flux studio


I think they were busy with their new CNC laser project. They made announcement on FB yesterday.


I cannot find it,can you post the link to their new CNC? I see the standard laser engraver.

Thank you




Interesting. Looks like the K40 lasers but with a touchscreen. Hopefully the interface is excellent, because that’s the big gripe that most people have with the “traditional” lasers. Finding a good CAM program to generate the GCode is tough.


Thank you. If I converted the cost correctly will be around $1330 US


Yes. But I imagine the cost in Taiwan will be cheaper. They expect to have a usa price in January.