Flux 3D printer noise modification


This modification mechanically detaches the stepper motors from the brackets that are connected to the base plate and rods.

It makes the sound less high pitched.

Parts used:

Special tools used:

But this can probably be replaced with:

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Just found out that now the top part makes the most noise!
And its not the extruder motor but the top pulleys!

I feel another mod coming up!


What length did you use for the dampers on the stepper motors? M3 x ?? how long? I’ve got to replace my linear bearings so while I have it opened up, I’ll do this mod also :wink:
Have you replaced the top pulleys yet? Did you use the same drive pulley as above?



I just used the original screws, you unscrew the original 4 to release the bracket, use 2 to fit the damper to the stepper, and 2 to refit the bracket to the damper.

I ordered these, they will be in this week so i know if they fit.
The axel for the top bearing is +/-4.5mm but the original bearing has a 5mm hole?
It held in between 2 plastic flanges and has an odd size, so i hope i can find a way to make it fit easily.
I ordered the one with 20 teeth, in my mind it is the lack of teeth that is creating the noise right now,

Already did the linear bearings in april, but you are right, it will be the perfect moment.

Good luck


The new top pully’s are a perfect fit, maybe a 1db difference and a little less annoying sound.


Awesome. Thanks. Too bad bg is sold out (EU store cost a bit more). I can wait.


i get my steper motor from this site: