Flux 3d Delta printing with great quality!


Just wanted to say that I have been very pleased with the prints from my Flux 3D Delta. They really seem much better than many other prints I have seen around my town (Portland, OR) on much more expensive machines. Better than a lot that are posted on instructables and other 3D printing sites as well. I saw some prints developing on a mkrbot replicator and they did not appear very good compared to just the medium resolution prints from the Flux Delta. I have been getting good results with simply using spray glue and wool felt in place of any blue tape or special 3D printing tape or glues. It does make the bottom of the print a little mucky but I almost never print with a raft or supports turned on, well at least in my own designs, unless there are a lot of branches or overhangs. The large model was printed with 0% fill and base, shell and tops at a setting of 3. These 45mm hollow pillar posts were printed at 85% fill with shells at 2.


Portland, OR has some competition in the area too, that’s good to hear that the FLUX is doing well.

Looking forward to seeing some of your prints over in the Trophy Room :slight_smile: