Flux 3.3 new version


[FLUX Studio 1.3.4]

Fixed :

  1. Fixed beamo update firmware issue

Changed :

  1. Changed camera calibration pattern to fit beamo design

Posted on2019-05-14CategoriesFLUX Studio Changelog

[FLUX Studio 1.3.3]

Fixed :

  1. Fixed rotary axis blue line movement issue
  2. Now the popup will be shown at once a machine is selected

Added :

  1. Supported Beamo interface

Changed :

  1. Changed default value of loop compensation to be 0


Have you tried either one of these with your Flux delta?
i have and still no go as version 1.2.7. Back to 1.2.4 for me until Flux gets back to us original customers (Delta). seems they are very focused on the beambox.