Flexible Filament

I would like to know: will it be possible to print flexible filament (like hard rubber)? I am planing to print a car hood logo in 3d. But for security it has to be flexible.

You might have to make your own extruder / printing module to work with significantly different materials. There is talk of a silicon printing module but it may not be stiff enough for your purposes.
As soon as there is a HDK available, people can start looking into designing their own modules (presumably to sell but maybe they’ll just give you plans to make your own for free).

maybe what you seek is the filament: filaflex. i just don’t know it is strong enough. but it can expand 700%.

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I couldn’t get Filaflex to work as it requires a printing temperature of +230º.
Please let me know if anyone has been luckier. Thx.