Flexible Filament Tests


So I finally decided to give flexible filaments a shot with the Flux Delta. I ended up purchasing two flexible filaments, Ninjaflex TPU and SainSmart TPU. Ninjaflex seems far more flexible, where as the Sainsmart seems slightly stiff and doesn’t seem to retain it’s shape too well if you really stretch it out. My first test was with ninjaflex and immediately it jammed and bunched up near the extruder (as expected given the bowden style of extruder). Out of curiosity of where it was jamming I opened up the top to see how everything was laid out and see where exactly the filament was jamming. I noticed that it was consistently being pushed towards the motor and bunching up in the large area of extra space between the motor and the extruder wheels. I ended up 3D printing some small parts to try and fill that gap to prevent the filament from bunching up in that area and so far it seems to work for the Sainsmart TPU, but because of how easily the Ninjaflex bends it still has issues bunching up in that gap. Currently running my first larger print with the sainsmart and it’s running really well. I will follow up with images of the full print.

I’m going to continue messing around with the extruder to see if i can get the ninjaflex to work. May even consider re-mounting the extruder on top of the hot end module, but still not sure how i want to do that.


From what I’ve read/seen with Ninjaflex and bowden extruders you’re best shot at success is to basically disable all retraction settings. Filament moves forward only, never backward. That prevents it from noodling up in the area you mentioned. Someone else on here had some success with it that way a while back too.

I may have just found a source for something that sounds more like the Sainsmart that you described, flexible but not quite so ‘wet-pasta’ like as Ninjaflex.