Flexible Filament on Delta+ or after Upgrade?


Ok I did a quick search - but it seems like the most recent discussion was revolving around “if” the new extruder would be better able to handle elastic filaments as they claimed (around January/February) - not whether it actually was.

Has anyone actually tried any of the flexibles since upgrading/getting their Delta+? Is it better / easier? Did it not work at all? Was it semi or full? And what brand?

I may eventually decide to play guinea pig but at this point we are almost out of the original 500g spool and I’m looking at putting in my first “actual” order for filament from a company here in Canada once I get back from BC in September (and trying to decide just how “big” I’m going to allow that order to get haha!). So if anyone has tried with the new extruder I’d love to know what you used and how it worked. I have a few options from the place I’m looking at but none of them appear to “tick all of the boxes” (some the heat needed is too high, some appear to really need a heated bed, some need both).

It may make my order more expensive! :smile: