Flexible Build Plate

  • FLEKS3 Build-Plate System
    (Thanks for Etienne’s sharing in the Kickstarter comments.)

That will be great since it doesn’t need a heated bed !

That is cool! Then we wouldn’t have to worry about our parts breaking.

this would be an awesome addition, so that we wouldn’t need the tape

In case anyone was wondering, they have a site up where you can order them.

People have been using acrylic sheets (plexi-glass) for a long time. Some people like it and some people don’t. The sacrifice you make is that when something’s flexible, it’s not laser flat anymore.


@Hunter Could you and the FLUX team make the build plate in a way that we wouldn’t need tape or another thing like a special glue to cover it? Stuff like the tape is very annoying.

Recently came across http://www.buildtak.com/ looks like a good option to avoid annoying glue, tape etc…

I can actually report some initial success with Fleks3D using this approach:

This is using their 8" Delta version and I’m holding it in place with very (VERY) strong magnets. Self-leveling becomes a little bit of a problem, but still works most of the time. Fleks3D sells something they call a “puck” to help with self-leveling, but I’ve not found a picture or an explanation on how to use it anywhere. In addition, it wasn’t available from their site when I ordered the plate, so I’m without one at the moment. I plan to experiment with gluing on some small thin metal plates where the print head hits the plate. Hopefully that will make the self-leveling more predictable.

But so far so good…

From what I understand the “puck” is a little glass (I suppose in circle form) with the same thickness of the fleks3d plate, and when the printer is calibrating and touching the calibrating points you suppose to move that glass under the three points and the when its finish to calibrate you need to remove the “puck” and put the fleks plate to be ready to print.

I’m not an expert on 3d printing but I don’t know how this suppose to help to self-leveling to use the puck instead of the plate (maybe because with the time the plate tends to bend and the calibration could fail, or because instead of a pressure sensor is using another one that doesn’t work with the plastic bead).

Also when I was on the store of the fleks3d I saw that they sell a version for the dreammaker printer and has similar pentagon shape like the flux, so my question is if someone knows if this one will work for the flux?

The pentagon shape is too big. And because you can’t use their clips on the Flux (there is no “overlap” of the print bed), I decided not to try to cut it down to size to use it. I’m having great results with the 8 inch delta and the magnets though - and the self-leveling works about 75% of the time. If it doesn’t, I just retry and usually on the second try it will go. Am running prints almost 24/7 at the moment and have not used any glue since I put this on and the first layer surface is much cleaner :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I think I will buy one fleks3d for my printer also. I don’t like the idea apply tape or glue on every print and then have to remove the printed object carefully to no ruin the tape or clean the glue from the plate for the next print.

Maybe also I will try to make a frame like the one that fleks sells but for the flux shape and the 8" delta plate for quick change.