Fleks 3D plate holders


do you still need to use rafts


I haven’t used one yet - but I guess some odd-ball prints might still require it for stability rather than adhesion.


The smallest part I’ve made on the Fleks plate has been reasonably sized, about 10mm by 5mm, large enough to not need a raft. I have noted that even small lines of filament have a pretty strong grip. An example I’ve seen recently that should have had a raft was a scaled down Eiffel Tower, with four feet that were about 2mm square or smaller. At about the 10mm layer height, it released from the plate (glue) and turned into a smooshed frog, rather than a piece of architecture. For similar models on the Fleks/Flux combination, a raft or slight modification of the model would probably be a good idea.


The Fleks3D works great! :slight_smile: I’m using three of the holders, but only because I printed another to test the Fleks. No more glue!


That’s good to hear. Mine’s supposed to be here Monday! I’ve already printed my holders. They fit great. I can’t wait to say goodbye to the glue as well.


Any news on your Fleks RMA? I just got mine today and have the same warp in the middle that you speak of. The Flux calibrates fine on the edges, but the center is bowed up and bounces. I really don’t want to tape it down. Hoping you may have solved this!


RMA…they never responded. Sent them 2 emails and nothing.

In regards to the fleks, my only solution was to use double sided tape to make sure it stays flat and using the fleks holder.

Sometimes I still have to lightly hold down the middle when it is calibrating, but once that is done, clean print from there.

Also, I just recently placed an order on amazon for a different type of plate, I don’t want to say anything yet about it but if it works, it is cheaper and just as effective…more to come later.


I hope the Fleks3d people are not developing Kickstarter Avoidance Syndrome. I’ve sent a request for clarification regarding their 12" plate which lists as 254 mm or ten inches in too many locations. No answer from them, so I figured I might take a gamble. When added to the shopping cart, more than twenty dollars for shipping had me deleting the item.

I’ll make do with the circular for now.


So I have managed to overcome my warp issue somewhat. It turns out the nifty little Fleks Plate holder things I printed were pushing a bit too hard on the Fleks and exaggerating the warp. I am still using one of them at the back of the Flux, and have a strong ring-shaped magnet on the front-right corner to keep the Fleks still. There’s a lot less pressure on the Fleks, so it doesn’t bow up as badly now. ALSO, I found that if I “flex” the Fleks in the opposite direction of the warp pretty strongly right before I lay it down and start a print, then it calibrates as normal and prints just fine. You can still tell the print head is a tiny bit too close to the plate in the center, but it’s not bad enough to mess up the first layer anymore.
I wouldn’t call this an ideal fix, but it works for now. The Fleks really does work very well once it gets going. Prints stick great and release easily as advertised. I wish I didn’t have to jump through all these hoops to get it working every time, but hey, it’s all part of the joy of 3d-printing, right? :yum:
Anyways, just thought I’d drop my latest “breakthrough” on ya and see if you had any thoughts or had heard anything from the Fleks guys yet. Cheers!


My Fleks plate has become somewhat “burnished” from frequent use, but still gives great adhesion. I would love to know what material it is.


Im not too sure what type of material it is, i think they said it was proprietary?? I should be getting something new today from Amazon, if it works, I can tell you what material it isn’t.

At first, it sort of looks like frosted plexiglass because after some usage as you stated, i can see through in the middle where it used to be frosted. I read somewhere that you can use a sandpaper (thin) to bring back the adhesion on the plate. Therefore, whatever material it is, it is nothing special because it seems to be just simple plastic, but it works so I am still investigating since FLEKS is unresponsive and I believe something is wrong with their website and communication. Alternatives is what I am after and affordability.


I’m also thinking it is simply sandblasted plexiglass to give it that texture. If so, they’re making a killing on us, lol.


Lexan is more likely than plexiglass. It would stand up to the frequent flexing. It could be that Fleks has fallen victim to all of us “reverse engineers” out here. ;-).


I agree, They don’t respond!!!


The lack of response lost them a sale, mine.


Not to defend them but their product does work. Just their customer service is non-functioning, but I am also thinking about getting the gecko tek plate. Metal and has magnets integrated in the plate for a metal platform which the FLUX has. Just waiting to see how far this FLEX can go without needing to throw it out but so far, it is still working (except for the once in awhile calibration error but not a deal breaker. It certainly is worth the headache when my prints no longer needs glue or tape and I can print without worries, back to back to back.


I agree, it works but it does add its own set of particular problems and headaches. When it works, it’s like the best thing ever. When it messes up the calibration 15 times in a row, it’s ready to go in the garbage. Meh, I’ll definitely keep trying, but it is kind of more pain than it’s worth sometimes. Sure is nice to not have to use glue though. Oh the joys of 3d printing, eh?


Thanks for the tip on the GeckoTek plate. I ordered one today. It may take a week or two to arrive (I’m in Australia), but once I get it I’ll update you on how that plays out. Like you, I’m still happy with the Flex plate, but I’d like something that is just a tiny little bit more reliable.


Has anyone ever got a response from their support?


Nope…Nope and Nope…

Sent 3 of them. They are quick to make the purchase but aren’t quick to help afterwards. The FLEX plate does work (with some tweaks) but waiting on @BjarneMatzen on his recommendations since he or she purchased the GeckoPlate.