Flashing with new Firmware

After years of collecting dust, after no help from the Flux Support;
Is there any firmware I can load onto the Pi, and make this paperweight useful again?

Does Flux even have replacement parts for it?
Or am I stuck with a limping paperweight, with a pi and stepper motors?

I am beyond disappointed that they gave up on this printer so fast. It had soo much promise.

The last firmware update is on the Flux site. What is the issue with your printer?

The initial issue I had with my Flux was the run-out sensor and the extruder.
I’ve used the g-code line to ignore the run-out sensor, but when trying to either load or unload filament, it would say that either the filament was done unloading, or no filament was detected when loading.

The extruder would chew up my filament, causing it to not feed.

I tried updating the firmware (some time before I gave up on it) and experienced power loss.
It won’t connect to my computer and stopped accepting the password. I tried to get a hold of support and they never replied.